Winn Dixie Catering Menu Prices Updates 2022

Winn Dixie Catering Menu Prices 2022. Full restaurant menu with prices up-dated for 2022. Meals, lunch, dinner, drinks and kids menu. Regardless of what type of event you are hosting Winn-Dixie catering has something that is sure to satisfy even the hungriest crowd. The Winn-Dixie deli has deli deals, rotisserie chicken and our famous Lip Lickin’ Chicken. Get platters for your guests and family dinner for tonight!

Winn Dixie is a great supermarket for shopping for groceries and creating delicious meals for your family. But Winn Dixie’s Catering menu proves it’s more than just a supermarket. Winn Dixie provides affordable, healthy food to thousands of families across the US every day. They also offer catering services for families and businesses all over the country. Winn Dixie is a great option if you are looking for an easy and quick way to feed a crowd.

Southeastern Grocers-Winn Dixie is a subsidiary of the fifth largest supermarket chain in America. It has been around since 1925. More than 48,000 associates work in the 518 grocery stores located throughout Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.

Winn Dixie Catering Menu Prices

Winn Dixie has been successful because it is able to meet the needs of the expanding marketplace by its values and teamwork.

Winn Dixie Catering Menu 2022


Chicken Platter

Boneless Wings Ranch Medium $24.99
Boneless Wings Blue Cheese Medium $24.99
Wingin It Ranch Medium $24.99
Wingin It Ranch Large $39.99
Wingin It Blue Cheese Medium $24.99
Wingin It Blue Cheese Large $39.99
Chicken Tender Ranch Medium $24.99
Chicken Tender Ranch Large $39.99
Chicken Tender Blue Cheese Medium $24.99
Chicken Tender Blue Cheese Large $39.99

Meats And Cheese Platter

Executive Entertainer Large $47.99
Cheese Nibbler Supreme Medium $34.99
Cheese Nibbler Supreme Large $42.99
Cheese Nibbler Medium $29.99
Cheese Nibbler Large $36.99
Triple Play Large $37.99

Sandwiches And Wraps Platter

Finger Sandwiches Medium $26.99
Finger Sandwiches Large $34.99
Sliders Large $34.99
Variety Subs White Sub Rolls Large $34.99
Variety Subs Wheat Sub Rolls Large $34.99
Pinwheels Large $34.99

Cookies And Cakes Platter

Cookies Medium $19.99
Bakery Breakfast Medium $15.99
Loaf Cakes Medium $16.99

Popular Catering Choices at Winn Dixie 2022

Winn Dixie’s deli has many options available for caterers looking to host an event. The first is their tasty and easy-to-serve Wingin’ It Platter. This platter includes crispy, clean vegetables and zesty chicken wings, served with a dipping sauce.

You want something simple to snack on, but not as messy. You can choose from their Finger Sandwich platter or, if you want to impress, their Executive Entertainer. Winn Dixie can provide the perfect solution for any event.

Pros of Winn Dixie catering Menu 2022

An enjoyable meal for the entire family or a meal for a party, Winn Dixie can provide the food you need. There is nothing better than the flavor of fresh food and peace of mind knowing that it comes from farms in the area.

Making a delicious meal for your party by shopping at the local store is so simple. There’s no need to think about where you can get the food for your business conference or event when you have a selection at Winn Dixie. There are even birthday cakes for kids’ parties.

How to order from Winn Dixie catering 2022

Winn Dixie has several types of deli buffets available to pick from wraps and sandwiches as well as delicious cheeses and meats as well as their delicious chicken platter. They also offer a dessert platter or dessert plate.

The ordering process is simple. It’s as easy as going on their site. Enter your address to be directed to branches close to your location. Then, choose from their options within their Deli department and then fill it on the form to order on their website. There are a variety of options available from the bakery at the deli dessert, seafood, and produce plates. Choose the size you prefer and then add the number of platters you require.

It is recommended to place your order 24 hours prior to the time of order to ensure the items you want to order are in stock. Certain items could be seasonal, such as the Thanksgiving dinners, which include turkey or ham served with dishes and dinner rolls that are suitable for 6-8 people at between $40 and $46.

The pickup of your order is possible when your order is complete. Make sure to call the closest Winn Dixie store for their store hours. Some are open 24/7.

Winn Dixie Catering Reviews 2022

There are several options available in the deli platters for medium size order. You can choose from the chicken tenders, cheese sandwich, finger food, wings and nibbler supreme for around $25 to $35 per. There’s also a mix-and-match platter with dessert items, 12 pieces below $16 and 24 portions for $24.

Larger platters platters for deli range from $27 to $50 depending on the kind you’re purchasing. In our produce department an apple or cheese tray at about $15. There are also fruit and vegetable tray prices that are similar to.

You can also avail of a seafood buffet for $30-$40. You can pick from Alaskan Snowleg Surimi and Extra-large Shrimp and Shrimp as well as Surimi.

It is possible to add notes in case you have to clarify any instructions. Making entertaining at home or arranging a gathering is easy with these solutions provided through Winn Dixie. The cost is affordable considering that you get high-quality food that comes from local farmers.

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