Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu Prices { Update 2022 }

Texas Roadhouse offers their catering prices by person but you can always get customized package orders. Texas Roadhouse is admitted to have one of the best banquet style catering services available for everyone. Texas Roadhouse Catering near you? Use ezCater to build your order from the Texas Roadhouse Catering menu. 

Texas Roadhouse is an American casual restaurant chain, specializing in steaks as well as other Southern traditional dishes. They pride themselves on serving freshly cut, never frozen steaks, and advertise on their menus that is all prepared using fresh ingredients and freshly prepared in-store. The menu offers a variety of cut-to-order steaks barbecue ribs, seafood, chicken wings and Southern style sides. Texas Roadhouse catering offers an variety of hot and delicious food options in platters as well as party packages.

Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu Prices

If you require catering for your banquets, birthdays holidays, or business gatherings, Texas Roadhouse will provide excellent food and outstanding service. Their distinctive dinner menu of classic chicken, steaks and their famous sides are always fresh as every Texas Roadhouse is home to a personal butcher and baker who cut each steak in-house and bake breads daily by hand.

Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu 2022

Item Price
Oven Roasted Sirloin (6oz.) $10.00/person
Oven Roasted Sirloin (8oz.) $12.00/person
Prime Rib & Chicken Combo (8oz. Prime Rib & 4oz. Chicken) $15.00/person
Chicken Breast (Choice of BBQ Sauce or Cream Gravy) $10.00/person
Pulled Pork & Chicken Combo (6oz.) $10.00/person
Pulled Pork & Chicken Combo (8oz.) $12.00/person
Rib & Chicken Combo (6oz.) $12.00/person
Rib & Chicken Combo (8oz.) $14.00/person
Ribeye Steak (12oz.) $13.00/person
Ribeye Steak (14oz.) $16.00/person
Custom Orders
We will be happy to work out a custom menu that suits your needs for any occasion
Kid’s Items
Hot Dogs price varies
Corn Dogs price varies
Mac & Cheese price varies
Pulled Pork Sliders price varies

Pros of Texas Roadhouse Catering 2022

Texas Roadhouse offers their restaurant in case you require a place to hold an event. It will create a wonderful setting for business events or events.

Their hours for dining vary with each branch, so make sure to inquire with the local branch to inquire about your specific requirements in catering. You can make your catering plans discussed with the manager.

The people love the delicious meals made with fresh ingredients, and the excellent service to satisfy their the cravings for food.

How to order from Texas Roadhouse catering 2022

Texas Roadhouse provides different catering options and arrangements for their service, based on the needs of your guests. It is possible to host your event in its dining establishment or avail from their service of delivery to the location you prefer or location, whatever you choose to do, you will receive the most value for budget and get delicious food with generous portions.

The ordering process at Texas Roadhouse is easy, simply adhere to these guidelines:

  • Visit their website
  • Look for a location near you
  • Please contact the Branch to make your purchase
  • You can arrange for the delivery or pickup from your purchase

Since all food items are freshly prepared, you should place your order in advance to allow plenty of time for cooking.

The menu includes a broad range of options, including ribs, steaks and fish, as well as chicken, side dishes, and even hamburgers. If you have children with you, no issue, as they serve children’s meals that include hot chicken, dogs steak bites, mini-cheeseburgers, steak bites and ribs that are suitable to the needs of their toddlers.

Texas Roadhouse definitely doesn’t cut corners even when it comes to dessert. They offer Granny’s traditional Apple Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, and brownies.

Texas Roadhouse Catering Reviews 2022

Texas Roadhouse offers their catering pricing per person, but they can also customize packages. They’re extremely accommodating and will help you get the most value on your budget.

To get an idea of the cost, if you are a part of a group of 5 people eating steaks and drinks with side dishes for around $80, it would cost about. A larger group of 10 people who order the chicken or steaks with drinks and side dishes will cost about $140. For a meal for 25 people including party pans of BBQ Ribs and a few of dessert and drinks, will cost about $240.

Steaks and ribs aren’t the only options on the menu that make you feel like a celebrity They also offer salads as well as salmon, catfish, and shrimp. If you’re sensitive in the presence of gluten, they offer options that are suited to your particular ailment.

If you choose to have catering services from Texas Roadhouse, you can ensure that you’ll be pleased with the quality of food and the service. Every meal is plentiful and you will get the most price for the money you pay.

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