Target Catering Menu Prices – Update 2022

Target Catering Menu Prices 2022. Full restaurant menu with prices up-dated for 2021. Meals, lunch, dinner, drinks and kids menu. How much does food cost? target-catering-menu-prices-and-review image. And, what contributes significantly to efficiency and productivity is the equipment used in food preparation .

Its Catering Menu is perhaps one of the most well-known secrets of the popular retailer. When consumers think of Target, their thoughts immediately turn to the home and clothing items sold at their stores. However, many people are unaware that they have catering options that are just as good as their other products.

Target Catering Menu Prices

If you’re serving a small group or looking to cater an event of a larger scale, Target can provide you with the food you require to make your guests feel satisfied..

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Check out their full catering menu below:


Party Platters

Veggie Platter $24.99
Fruit Platter $29.99
Meat & Cheese Snacker Platter $29.99
Chicken Caesar Salad $39.99
Meat & Cheese Sandwich Maker $22.99
Sandwich Variety Platter $29.99
Bun Sandwich Variety Platter $24.99
Pinwheel Variety Platter $19.99
Baguette Variety Platter $29.99
Italian Party Sub $29.99
Turkey Party Sub $29.99
Barbeque & Buffalo Wing Sampler $29.99
Crispy Fried Chicken Platter $26.99

Popular Catering Choices at Target

Although Target’s catering options mainly include prepackaged food items, they do have brands available that ensure you can serve a luxurious meal despite serving food items packaged in a plastic or box. The most sought-after items include premium cheeses and meats that are sourced out of their Hillshire and Carando brans and the ever-popular Hormel.

See their most popular alternatives below:

Hillshire Snacking Packs

Pause for a second and imagine the popular lunchtime snack known as the Lunchable. You can now enjoy this authentic dish made by Hillshire, a brand known for the high-end quality of its meats and cheeses. Each will include a variety of meats, from Prosciutto to their zingy Hot Calabrese Salame, as in addition to their creamy cheeses and tasty crackers.

Buy a box 12 at $39.05

Hormel Gatherings Snack Tray

This Hormel Gathering Snack Tray is an amalgamation of the ingredients typically used in every snack item. There’s an array of high-quality Hormel meats, including honey ham and turkey, together with a selection of cheeses and a vast amount of crackers to snack on. When you have Hormel Snack Trays, you can make an ordinary cheese, and the meat tray can be distinct.

You can get 28oz of beef, cheese as well as crackers for $14.99

Sabra Hummus Trays

If you’re looking to add the healthiest protein option for vegetarians, you should explore Sabra’s Hummus Trays. They include 10 ounces of hummus that come in a variety of flavors. The delicious tanginess of hummus, when paired with your favourite bread and crackers is a perfect snack to serve for any gathering.

Buy 12 boxes at $48.15 as well as feed the large crowd or five pounds for $27.55

Hormel Supreme Party Tray

If you thought that the Hormel Gathering tray was an excellent choice, then you need to take a look at the Supreme Tray from Hormel. It’s a great way to bring 2.5 pounds of cheese, meat crackers, and premium olives to your party. The dishes blend the best of everything with a variety of traditional Italian meats and the most popular lunchtime meal, the olive.

Find the 2.5lb tray for $25.99 and serve your guests in class.

Enjoy Target’s Catering Offering

Although Target isn’t likely to be the first choice for catering your event, there are many options to use their products for a memorable event. If you contact them in advance to make a reservation, you can arrange your delivery of the product or even get discounted prices on order quantities if you’re planning an event of a decent size. With their delicious snacks and excellent service, you’ll have a fantastic time when all is done.

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