Subway Catering Latest Menu Prices 2022

Subway is the most well-known fast food restaurant that serves sub sandwiches. For your next holiday, picnic or sporting event, Subway caters at a very reasonable price. If you are not looking for catering prices, you can view the regular Subway Catering Latest menu prices instead.

Subway was founded in 1965, when it opened its first store in Bridgeport. Fred DeLuca, the original owner of Subway, started it as a way to pay for his education.

Subway Catering Latest Menu Prices 2021

Subway’s main product is its sandwiches. Subway has hundreds of sandwich choices, all great for vegetarians and meat lovers. Subway is a well-known restaurant chain in America. Subway currently has branches in 97 countries and franchisees in 97 other countries. It sells approximately 4 to 5 sandwiches per second.

Subway Catering popular Menu:

Item Price
Platters (Serves 5-9)
Classic Combo Platter $34.00
Customize Your Own Platter $36.50
Flavor Craver Platter $36.50
Subway Fresh Fit Platter $34.00
All Sandwiches Menu Prices
B.L.T. (6-inch) $4.25
B.L.T. (Footlong) $6.25
Black Forest Ham (6-inch) $4.25
Black Forest Ham (Footlong) $6.25
Cold Cut Combo (6-inch) $4.25
Cold Cut Combo (Footlong) $6.25
Italian B.M.T. (6-inch) $4.75
Italian B.M.T. (Footlong) $7.00
Roast Beef (6-inch) $5.75
Roast Beef (Footlong) $8.00
Spicy Italian (6-inch) $4.25
Spicy Italian (Footlong) $6.00
Subway Club (6-inch) $5.75
Subway Club (Footlong) $8.00
Tuna (6-inch) $4.75
Tuna (Footlong) $7.00
Turkey Breast (6-inch) $4.75
Turkey Breast (Footlong) $7.00
Veggie Delite (6-inch) $4.00
Veggie Delite (Footlong) $6.00

Giant Subs

giant subs

3 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 10-12) $44.00
6 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 20-25) $84.00
9 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 25-30) $126.00
12 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 35-40) $168.00
15 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 40-50) $210.00
18 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 55-60) $252.00
21 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 60-65) $294.00
24 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 65-70) $336.00
27 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 70-75) $378.00

Subway To Go! Meal

Subway To Go! Meal

Subway To Go! 6-inch Meal $6.00
Subway To Go! Footlong Meal $8.00
Subway To Go Premium 6-inch! $6.25
Subway To Go Premium Footlong! $8.50
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Dozen) $6.00
Oatmeal Raisin (Dozen) $6.00
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (Dozen) $6.00
Cookie Platter (3 Dozen) $18.00
Apple Slices $1.50
Baked Lay’s Potato Chips $1.10
Doritos Nacho Cheese $1.10
Lay’s Classic Potato Chips $1.10
Sun Chips $1.10
Dasani Water $1.80
Coca-Cola Classic $1.80
Diet Coke $1.80
Powerade $1.80
Sprite $1.80
Vitamin Water $1.80

Pros of Subway Catering:

Subway food is loved by many people for its delicious taste and nutritional value. Subway is proud to offer healthy meals to customers.

Subway provides delivery for catering. Delivery is free for orders over $75 Subway must be notified at least two days in advance of large orders.

How to Order from Subway Catering:

You can order online by going to the company website. There you can enter your personal information as well as the details of the food that will be delivered.

Delivery is an option for catering services, so picking up the food is simple. Delivery men will deliver the food right to your door on the day that you require it.

Subway meals can be divided into three categories. These are the Giant Subs and Sandwich platters. You can personalize your order based on the occasion you are hosting.

This sandwich platter can be fed up to 25 people. You can customize it and choose from five different food options. The Dessert platter can be used to feed up to 9 people and includes a variety of healthy snacks, such as macadamia nuts or chocolate chip cookies.

Giant Subs can reach up to 6 feet in length and can feed 25 people.

Subway Catering Reviews:

Subway is well-respected by customers and food critics alike as a company that serves high-quality, healthy foods.

Subway is a popular choice because of the variety it offers.

Customers praise the company’s efficient catering service. Customers rave about the speed with which orders arrive.

Subway’s meals are priced according to their size and contents. Subway products can cost anywhere from $20 to $300 depending on the size of your order.

Subway’s prices for the meals are slightly higher than those of its competitors. The company’s reputation for providing high quality meals is justifiable.

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