Shoprite Catering Menu offer Variety and Taste for All

Shoprite Catering Menu Everybody holds some kind of occasion at one time or another. It could be an anniversary, a birthday, or even a funeral. It doesn’t matter what occasion it may be, guests should leave feeling satisfied. This is difficult because it can be hard to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Shoprite Catering menu is a great option. You can be sure that your guests will love the variety of meals and dishes they offer.

Shoprite Catering, perfect for every occasion

If one contacts a caterer, they hope they can handle the event. It is a waste if this doesn’t happen.

Shoprite sandwiches traysservice will satisfy customers. This is because they have something to suit all functions. They will supply all the food needed for a child’s birthday party. They will also provide food for weddings. This is something you don’t need to worry about.

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals

Party organizers have to deal with the eating habits of everyone present. They don’t know if a particular guest is vegetarian or not. They will be dissatisfied if they order all meat dishes. It is a smart idea to find a service that will cater to both.

Shoprite Catering Menu

Shoprite Thanksgiving Catering offers salads and meats such as turkey, chicken, bacon, and other delicious options. It doesn’t matter what the guest prefers, you can order it. There are many salad options available. You will find something you like from this variety of menu items.

Different options

Sometimes, we just want to serve tea and not full meals at an event. This could be because tea is more preferred due to the timing. Catering services must be capable of catering for all occasions.

shoprite catering menu has full meals and others as well. Sandwiches and salads are also available. Sandwiches are a good choice if you want to be friendly and offer a meal at a time when everyone is not hungry.

Shoprite Specialize in breakfast

You may not find many catering companies that offer breakfast menus. This is especially important if guests are arriving early in the morning. They won’t want to eat anything heavy. To make the work easy on you, you can order from a service that specializes in breakfast.

Shoprite offers many options for customers who wish to order their shoprite hoagie tray at any time. Either a complete breakfast or just trays can be ordered. You can also choose from a variety of baskets or a bar. There are many choices when it comes breakfast.

It is better to order breakfast if you invite guests before lunchtime. You may not like certain dishes if you order them at the wrong time. Breakfast is the best.

Lovers of shoprite platters

Shoprite platters with a variety of fillings are a favourite among many people. These platters are easy on the stomach, but look professional and fun on special occasions. These can be used at weddings and gatherings of employees. They are also easy to prepare and don’t make a mess.

Shoprite sandwiches trays offer many sandwich options to suit all tastes. You can choose from tuna, chicken, ham and chicken as well as steak, tomato mozzarella, turkey and many other options. ones. Vegetarians can choose tomato mozzarella.

Check out the prices on shoprite catering menus before you place an order. Shoprite offers coupon codes that can help you get discounts on your party platters.

Party Starters
Ciliengine mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes tossed in ShopRite Basting Oil, marinated imported artichokes, soppressata, Genoa salami, prosciutto, mixed olives and roasted red peppers. Serves 10-15.
Asian Dumplings and Spring Rolls
Chicken-teriyaki and chicken-lemongrass dumplings and vegetable spring rolls. Served with teriyaki or duck sauce. Serves 10-12.
Chicken Tenders
Your combination of buffalo, honey barbecue, teriyaki, or sweet and sour. All served with honey Dijon dipping sauce. Small serves 8-10. Large Serves 12-15.
Chicken Wings
Your choice of barbecue, Buffalo, or half portions of each. Served with with crisp celery sticks and tangy ranch or blue cheese dressing. Serves 8-10.
Crowd Pleaser
Sabra Guacamole, salsa, ShopRite Classic Hummus, blue cheese, horseradish Cheddar pub cheese, celery sticks and baby carrots. Serves 15-20.
Deviled Eggs
Creamy deviled eggs made with Hellman’s Mayonnaise. Serves 15-20. Disposable platter for display purposes included.
Mezze Platter
Hummus, tabbouleh, stuffed grape leaves feta cheese, sliced cucumbers, kalamata olives, roasted red pepper and crispy pita chips. Serves 10-12.
Mozzarella Tomato Shooters
Skewers threaded with ciliengine mozzarella balls, grape tomatoes and basil, drizzled with ShopRite balsamic Glaze. Serves 10-15. Disposable platter for display purposes included.
Filled with Cheddar or cream cheese and served with marinara sauce. Serves 12-15. Platter not included.
Poseidon’s Delight
A custom-crafted seafood platter based on your specifications. Items can be displayed on our platter or packaged for you to take home and design on your favorite platter. Individually priced based on your selection. *Price varies by Selection*
Shrimp and Crab Claws
Snow crab claws and shrimp served with cocktail sauce and lemons. Serves 8-10.
Shrimp Platter
Served with cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. Available in 4 different sizes. The Entertainer serves 2-3; The Mariner serves 3-6; The Classic serves 8-10. The Titanic made with jumbo shrimp serves 10-12.
Spinach Dip Bread Bowl
A round loaf of pumpernickel filled with cheesy spinach dip. Served with additional pieces of pumpernickel for dipping. Serves 12-15.
Stuffed Breads
An assortment of breads filled with pepperoni and cheese; pepperoni, sausage and cheese; and spinach and cheese. Serves 10-12. Hot items will be presented in foil pans for easy reheating.
Our Sushi chefs will prepare custom, restaurant quality ingredients that contain no MSG or preservatives. See store for details. *Price Varies by Selection*
Tex-Mex Layer Dip
Goya Refried Pinto Beans, Sabra Salsa and Guacamole, sour cream, ShopRite Taco Cheese Blend, black olives, scallions and tomatoes. Served with Her’s Tortilla Chips. Serves 8-10. Disposable platter for display purposes included.
Tuscan Antipasto
Genoa salami, sliced soppressata and prosciutto, roasted peppers, marinated artichokes, cherry tomatoes, ciliengine salad, mixed olives and sliced baguette. Serves 15-20.
Vegetable Platter
A medley of crisp celery, carrots, red peppers, cucumbers broccoli and cauliflower florets and cherry tomatoes. Served with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing. Serves 15-20.
Breakast & Brunch
Baked Oatmeal
Creamy oatmeal baked with your choice of cherries and almonds or bananas. Half tray serves 12-15. Full tray serves 25-28.
Breads & Rolls
Our fresh- baked breads and rolls feature varieties such as baguettes, sourdough and rye. Place your order with our ShopRite Bakery Manager. Our selection varies daily.
Breakfast Casserole
Breakfast casserole with all of your favorites. Your choice of ham, bacon or Spanish. Serves 10-12.
Fruit Salad
Cubed honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries and grapes. Serves 15-20.
Health Bowl
-Greek yogurt topped with fresh mangoes, blueberries and strawberries with crunchy granola on the side. Serves 12-16.
Deep-dish quiches sliced into 10 servings. Choose from Asparagus or Quiche Lorraine (crumbled bacon and Swiss cheese).
Sliced Fruit Platter
Sliced and arranged honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, berries and grapes. Serves 15-20.
Smoked Fish Display
Smoked white fish, white fish salad, Nova Scotia smoked salmon, 3 varieties of cream cheese (lox, scallion, and vegetable), sliced cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. Serves 12-15.
Smoked Salmon Display
Nova Scotia smoked salmon, diced red onions, capers, dill, lemon and plain cream cheese. Small serves 8-12. Large serves 16-20.
The Main Event
Trimmed and traditionally seasoned with onion powder, dry mustard, paprika and a hint of cayenne pepper. Sold by the pound. **Market priced – please see store for details **
Crown Pork Roast
Trimmed and tied, ready for the stuffing. Choose between Italian or Herbes de Provence seasonings. Sold by the pound. **Market priced – please see store for details **
Organic Beef
Speak with your butcher about which cuts are currently available. Sold by the pound. **Market priced – please see store for details **
Prime Rib
Bone-in or boneless, tied and oven-ready. Choose between Italian or Herbes de Provence seasoning. Sold by the pound. **Market priced – please see store for details **
Rack of Lamb
Frenched racks of lamb seasoned with our Herbes de Provence blend. Sold by the pound. **Market priced – please see store for details **
Whole Turkey
Seasoned with our Herbs de Provence blend, the turkey is unstuffed and trussed. Sold by the pound. **Market priced – please see store for details **
Midday Meals
Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches
Thinly sliced tenderloin on Martin’s Potato Rolls with green leaf lettuce and Black Bear Horseradish Sauce. Serves 18-25.
Chicken Italiano
Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, pesto, sweet peppers and romaine lettuce. All hoagies available in 3 ft. or 6 ft. 3-foot serves 8-10. 6-foot serves 16-20.
Club House Sandwich Platter
A triple decker sandwich made on Texas toast with bacon, domestic ham, turkey breast, American cheese, green leaf lettuce and tomatoes. Serves 8-10.
A triple decker sandwich made on Texas toast with bacon, domestic ham, turkey breast, American cheese, green leaf lettuce and tomatoes. Serves 8-10.
Finger or Croissant Sandwiches
Served on Martin’s Potato Rolls or croissants, an assortment of Virginia ham, turkey breast, roast beef, and American cheese. Seafood sandwiches made with tuna salad, shrimp salad, and seafood salad. Serves 12-15.
Fixin’s Platter
A spread of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles
Grilled Chicken Sandwiches
Lemon chicken, pesto, romaine lettuce and roasted red peppers on a sub roll. Serves 10-15.
Hoagies Your choice, any
combination-Italian, roast beef, turkey breast, ham and Swiss with shredded iceberg lettuce and tomatoes. Served with Black Bear Hoagie Dressing. All platters come in 3 sizes-small serves 8-10; medium serves 15-20; large serves 25-30.
Roast beef with sweet peppers; Virginia ham and Swiss with honey Dijon mustard; turkey with Alpine Swiss and Russian dressing. All made with green leaf lettuce. Serves 12-15.
Sloppy Joes
Double stacked- one layer of roast beef, turkey breast, pastrami or ham and Swiss; a second layer with coleslaw and Black Bear Sandwich Dressing. Serves 12-15.

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