Safeway Catering Menu Prices 2022

Safeway catering menu solves this problem and offers the food items in the menu according to the season. Safeway platters in the menu change. Menu for Safeway Deli with prices. Browse the menu items, find a location and get Safeway Deli delivered to your home or office.

Safeway caters mainly with premium meats and cheeses. You’re looking for meat and cheese that is both bread and butter? Although there aren’t many choices as other caterers, Safeway’s catering has the advantage of being a specialist in what they do.

Safeway Catering Menu

They offer more than cheese trays. There are also salads, desserts and kid-friendly tray options. They offer everything from simple muffins and wedding cakes to their bakery.


Appetizer Trays Menu

Bocconcini and Tomato Serves 10 $24.99
Condiment Combo Serves 12 $21.99
Fresh Fruit Platter Serves 14 $24.99
Fresh Fruit Platter Serves 24 $39.99
Fresh Fruit Platter Serves 40 $52.99
Fruit and Fine Cheeses Serves 10 $49.99
Fruit and Fine Cheeses Serves 14 $69.99
Hummus & Garden Veggies Serves 16 $29.99
Hummus & Garden Veggies Serves 24 $46.99
Italiano Delights Serves 10 $69.99
Italiano Delights Serves 14 $89.99
Love Those Veggies Serves 12 $24.99
Love Those Veggies Serves 20 $39.99
Love Those Veggies Serves 34 $59.99
Maki Platters Serves 4 $21.99
Maki Platters Serves 10 $32.99
Maki Platters Serves 14 $43.99
Sushi Platter Serves 8 $39.99
Sushi Platter Serves 12 $49.99
Mediterranean Medley Serves 8 $49.99
Mediterranean Medley Serves 12 $69.99
Cheese & Fruit Nibbler Serves 8 $39.99
Cheese & Fruit Nibbler Serves 14 $49.99
Cheese & Fruit Nibbler Serves 22 $69.99
Chicken Snack Pack Serves 8 $34.99
Chicken Snack Pack Serves 16 $49.99
Chicken Snack Pack Serves 24 $59.99
Spinach Dip Platter Serves 14 $16.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto) Serves 10 $54.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto) Serves 18 $69.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto) Serves 30 $89.99

Meat & Cheese Trays

All Star Combo – Build Your Own Tray Serves 36 $99.99
Deli Party Platter Serves 8 $34.99
Deli Party Platter Serves 16 $59.99
Deli Party Platter Serves 24 $79.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Serves 12 $39.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Serves 18 $59.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Serves 30 $74.99
Gourmet Sliced Cheese Serves 12 $44.99
Gourmet Sliced Cheese Serves 18 $61.99
Gourmet Sliced Cheese Serves 30 $83.99
Hearty All Meat Serves 12 $49.99
Hearty All Meat Serves 18 $69.99
Hearty All Meat Serves 25 $76.99
Salami Snacker Serves 24 $64.99

Sandwich Tray Menu & Prices

All Rolled Up (Lavosh) Serves 10 $44.99
All Rolled Up (Lavosh) Serves 12 $54.99
Classic Tea Sandwich Serves 8 $30.99
Classic Tea Sandwich Serves 12 $38.99
Classic Tea Sandwich Serves 20 $46.99
Hoagies and Heroes Serves 12 $34.99
Hoagies and Heroes Serves 16 $44.99
Kids Celebration Serves 10 $24.99
Kids Celebration Serves 12 $34.99
Le Petit Croissant Sandwiches Serves 10 $36.99
Le Petit Croissant Sandwiches Serves 16 $56.99
Le Petit Croissant Sandwiches Serves 20 $74.99
Pita Pocket Pleaser Serves 12 $34.99
Pita Pocket Pleaser Serves 16 $44.99
Signature Sandwich Serves 8 $44.99
Signature Sandwich Serves 10 $54.99
Signature Vegetarian Serves 8 $44.99
Signature Vegetarian Serves 10 $59.99
Super Sub Party Pack Serves 15 $36.99


16″ Gourmet Roll Platter Serves 15 $9.99
Artisan Roll Platter Serves 25 $4.99
Dessert Platter Serves 20 $12.99
Dessert Platter Serves 30 $18.99
Dessert Platter Serves 50 $29.99
Pastry Platter Serves 13 $19.99
16″ Cookie Platter Serves 69 $14.99
16″ Gourmet Jumbo Cookie Platter Serves 30 $19.99


1/2 Sheet Value Cakes Serves 36 $21.99
Cupcake Cakes Serves 36 $17.99
Celebration Cakes $12.99
Custom Cakes $29.99
Shower Cake $199.99
Silk & Satin Wedding Cake $299.99
Black Forest 1/2 Sheet Cake $29.99
Bistro Cakes $12.99
Irresistible Frosted Cupcakes $10.99

Popular Catering Choices at Safeway

It’s time to get back to basics. You can snack on fruit and vegetables without having to cheat your diet. Similar appeal can be found in meat and cheese trays.

You don’t have to worry about what type of food or snack you will serve at your event. Don’t let simplicity fool you, simple does not have to be boring. Safeway caters to guests with a focus on the important thing: taste.

Pros of Safeway catering

Safeway stores are located all over the United States, so it will not be difficult to find a store where you can order. You can find the nearest Safeway store by using their handy store locator.

Safeway caterers offer affordable pricing for all types of food, keeping in line with their store philosophy. You can find fresh fruit platters and sandwiches, as well as cakes and a wide selection of cheese and deli sampler packs. Safeway’s menu makes it easy to put together a party spread for vegetarians, meat-lovers, and others.

La Petite Croissant Sandwiches

Croissants elevate any sandwich to a new level. These tiny beauties can be stacked with your favorite ingredients like turkey, ham or roast beef, cheddar, Swiss cheese, lettuce and mayo and mustard. The larger tray can hold 30. You might find that your guests will want to grab more than one of these flaky, light breads.

How to order from Safeway catering Menu 2022

Safeway’s website has a page about catering. You will find a number that will connect you with one of their Catering Experts. Ordering online is currently not possible.

Safeway will need to be notified 24 hours in advance if you order a large order. It is a good idea to order at least 2 days in advance.

Although they don’t have a menu for catering on their website, a glance at their deli menu will give an idea of what you can order. You can also search “Safeway catering menu” in Google to see a complete list of all the items and their respective prices.

Enjoy Safeway’s Catering Offerings

Safeway has a large selection of food so that you can find the right thing for you. It’s easy to shop for flowers and decorations in one location.

If you have any questions, take a second look at the menu. But don’t worry. A simple meat tray might be the best option, as their deli has such high-quality premium meats and cheeses.

Safeway Catering Reviews

Safeway caterers are a great option for medium-sized to large groups. Their pricing is much lower than other stores that offer similar products. Because of their fresh and light nature, they are great for outdoor parties.

You have the option to have your food delivered directly to your home or picked up at the Safeway closest to you.

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