Rocky Top Catering Menu With Prices 2022

Rocky Top Catering Menu Prices is a full-service catering business located in Raleigh, North Carolina. We make memorable events by combining premium catering with outstanding service.

They focus on creating unforgettable dining experiences through their top-quality service and wide range of menu choices.

Rocky Top Catering Menu Prices

Rocky Top Catering Menu 2022

Rocky Top Catering, a catering company based in Knoxville is in operation since 1999. For the last two decades, they’ve been serving a wide range of customers from weddings to big corporate events and everything else in between.

Rocky Top Catering is unique because of its catering philosophy built around three key values Family, friends, and food! The purpose of every event held at Rocky Top Catering is for guests to have fun while receiving the same treatment as loved ones and family.

Alongside the traditional menu items for wedding receptions of rocking top catering, such as grilling chicken breasts that are drizzled with honey mustard, or beef tenderloin served with the cream sauce of roasted garlic, Rocky Top offers more eclectic food options, including vegan-friendly dishes which are guaranteed to please the most diverse taste buds!

Rocky Top Catering Menu 2022

The Rocky Top Catering Menu features an array of delicious dishes that will satisfy your taste buds. The menu includes everything from our Rocky Top Catering menu Southern Fried Chicken that comes with green beans and mashed potatoes and our prime rib that is wood-roasted, which cooks medium rare and is served alongside a horseradish sauce. Rocky Top Catering menu also provides beer-battered fish and chips pork ribs, chicken tenders, and fries as well as traditional cheeseburgers.

Rocky Top Catering menu offers incredible options for every occasion, from intimate dinner parties to a huge corporate event. Rocky Top Catering menu food is made fresh on-site by a family-owned company located within Tennessee’s Smoky Mountain region. We believe in offering high-quality service and tasty food.

Rocky Top Continental Breakfast

  • Muffins (Serves 10)Choose two options: blueberry, glory (carrot muffin with walnuts and raisins) or banana nut lemon poppyseed chocolate chip, double chocolate
  • Danishes (Serves 10)Choose Two: cheese, cherries apple, blueberry, or cherry
  • Bagels with Cream Cheese (Serves 10)Choose Two: all, plain blueberry, cinnamon raisin, or whole wheat
  • Cookies: (Serves 10)Choose two: cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, or coffee cake.
  • Fresh Fruit Salad: (Serves 10)
  • JuicesChoose Two Apple, orange, grapefruit, or cranberry (individual bottles)
  • Regular & Decaf Coffee: (Serves 10)

With lids, cups sleeves, sugar or creamer, sugar substitute, stirrers, and napkins(SERVES 8-10)

Grab and Go Breakfasts

Cocktail Receptions Style

Breakfast Sandwiches

select two fillings: (serves 10)

  • Smoked brisket, egg, and Boursin cheese
  • house Canadian bacon, egg, and apple jam smoked
  • Country ham, egg, and pimento cheese
  • Bacon, eggs, and cheese
  • sausage, eggs, and cheese
  • sweet potato, goat cheese, and red pepper
  • avocado, tomato, and egg
  • cooked bacon, green tomato eggs, Boursin cheese, and egg

Pick two options: buttermilk biscuit multigrain bread, croissant English muffin, all bagel or Brioche roll

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Breakfast Burritos

Select two fillings:
  • Poblano, potatoes egg, and pepper jack cheese
  • Sausage salmon with scrambled eggs as well as red onion, spinach, and spinach
  • Chorizo and cheddar scrambled eggs and avocado
  • Breakfast sausage with hash brown, caramelized onion
  • Pulled pork, grilled corn black beans, and cilantro
  • Roasted mushrooms egg white red pepper, feta, and egg white
  • Quinoa and sweet potatoes egg, avocado and Quinoa
  • Chicken shreds, scrambled egg with roasted corn
  • Pepper jack cheese

Gluten-Free Wraps Are Available. Serves 10

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