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Portillo’s Catering Menu Prices – When you look at the menu prices for Portillo below, you must make a call to 866-YUMBEEF to place your order. It was necessary to include this number because it’s exciting to call. It is also possible to order it online.

Portillo’s Catering Menu Prices 2022

Portillo’s is a well-known restaurant for its hot hamburgers, beef, hot dogs, and salads. They’re unique in that they are able to transport their food across the USA. They are aware that their food is delicious and they must provide it to every city of the United States!

Take a look at the complete menu of menus and prices for catering below for more information.


Ready To Ship Anywhere In The USA

Italian Beef Deluxe Package 8 Sandwiches $79.95
Italian Beef Party Package 20 Sandwiches $169.95
Hot Dogs 10 $59.95
Hot Dog Party Package 20 $172.95
Bar-B-Q Ribs 2 $79.95
Tamales 36 $79.95

Bowl Of Salads

Garden Salad Small $19.99
Garden Salad Large $33.99
Chopped Salad Small $23.99
Chopped Salad Large $43.99
Caesar Salad Small $20.99
Caesar Salad Large $35.99
Chicken Caesar Salad Small $23.99
Chicken Caesar Salad Large $43.99
Greek Salad Small $23.99
Greek Salad Large $43.99
Tuscan Chicken & Bacon Salad Small $23.99
Tuscan Chicken & Bacon Salad Large $43.99
Mediterranean Pasta Salad Small $10.99

Meat And Pasta Entrees

Famous Italian Beef 1lb $11.95
Famous Italian Beef 2-1/2 lb $29.75
Italian Sausage 12 Pc. $25.99
Italian Sausage 24 Pc. $47.99
Mostaccioli Small $27.99
Mostaccioli Large $43.99
Baked Mostaccioli Serves 8 $32.99
Chicken Tenders Serves 8 $21.99

Side Entrees

Hot Beef Gravy $7.50
Leaves Of French Bread Fresh Daily $3.75
Sweet Or Hot Peppers Small $2.99
Sweet Or Hot Peppers Large $4.99
Salad Dressing Jar $3.99
Marinara Sauce $5.99

Service Items

Full Heating Kit $7.00
Reusable Chafing Racks $3.99
Serving Fork And Spoon Set $0.99
Single-Use Canned Heat $1.49
Tableware Set-up Serves 10 $4.00


Portillos Famous Chocolate Cake Serves 10 $19.49
Italian Strawberry Shortcake Serves 10 $23.99

Popular Catering Choices at Portillo’s

Portillo’s catering service is able to find what you require as quickly as possible. They guarantee that the delivered food will arrive anywhere within the USA within two days. There are shipping charges to be paid.

Fast Packs

Portillo’s has “Fast Packs,” which are their most loved dishes packed in boxes and ready for delivery to your location. If you are hosting a group gathering it’s an easy option to provide delicious food at your event.

Hot dog and burger box chicken sandwiches that have been broiled, Italian beef boxes, Italian sausage boxes, and an Italian Beef and a Sausage Combo box.

Mostaccioli With Meat Or Marinara Sauce

It is one of Portillo’s most popular kinds of pasta, dipped with melted cheese. With the shape of penne noodles, you can decide whether you would like the pasta smothered in marinara sauce or meat sauce.

Portillo’s pasta is renowned for its high-quality pasta and offers a delicious taste.


We couldn’t resist sharing this recipe because of the name and amazing ingredients! Naturally, the Portillo’s would not offer it if it were in fact a complete waste. The salad is available in select stores and includes, “Tuscan spring mix, chopped Romaine lettuce, salami, provolone cheese, and radishes. tomatoes, red onion cucumbers, olives, and red peppers roasted as well as Parmesan cheese. It’s topped by the Portillo’s “Trashy Sweet Vinaigrette.”

Enjoy Portillo’s Catering Offerings

Portillo’s is a fantastic catering option due to its availability across the USA. Particularly, thanks to its Fast Pack options, you can get your menu sorted out and ready for delivery within a quick period of time.

They also have a fantastic dessert menu. The desserts are created with such precision that they require at least 72 hours’ notice. Anything that requires extra notice usually means it’s extra delicious!


Portillo’s was started through Dick Portillo in 1963. Portillo made his entire savings into the food stand. Although he was struggling initially, the business expanded into the present.

The company currently operates more than 50 locations in several U.S. states. Outside of Illinois, the restaurant has also expanded to Florida as well as Indiana.


Portillo’s branches are dining-room styled and capable of accommodating lots of guests at a table. There are branches that can provide seats that are more private.

The food served at the restaurant is fantastic. Food can provide tourists with a precise representation of what the best food in Illinois can offer regarding food.

For those who want to experience the menu, restaurant patrons recommend new customers take a bite of the infant back ribs. Also, shakes, smoothies, and malts are great alternatives for drinks.

There are also positive reviews regarding the customer service offered by the establishment. The staff has been praised by customers for being friendly and welcoming.


Does Portillo’s have a drive-through?

Yes, Portillo’s does offer a drive-through service. The Portillo’s drive-thru menu includes Pasta, Sandwiches, Sides, Gourmet Salads, and Smoothies & Desserts. The items may change from location to location.

Who owns Portillo’s?

Berkshire Partners own it, and its parent organization is The Portillo restaurant group, Inc.

Is Portillo’s beef gluten-free?

Yes, their cup of beef is a great option for a gluten-free fast food dish.

Does Portillo’s have a gluten-free menu?

Yes, Portillo’s does offer a few gluten-free items. You need to ask them before ordering.

What time does Portillo open?

Portillo’s outlets open at 10.30 am Monday through Sunday.

Is Portillo’s Order Online available?

Yes, you can make the order online at https://my.portillos.com/ or visit https://www.portillos.com/delivery/

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