Pollo Tropical Catering Menu With Prices 2022

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Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc. is the owner and operator of Pollo Tropical. There are more than 160 branches across the United States. The company was established in 1988 by Larry & Stuart Harris back in 1988 in Miami, Florida.

Pollo Tropical or Tropical Chicken is famous for its grill-grilled and marinated chicken, as well as their beans and rice. Pollo tropical has a Caribbean menu to cater to your gatherings and parties. They can cater for business gatherings as well as outdoor events and weddings too.

pollo tropical catering menu

What people will remember the most Pollo Tropical most is their fresh food they prepare. Grilling on open flames creates their signature taste. They’ve tailored their menu to cater for large and small-scale events as well. Catering with them is made easy by their catering experts who are available 24 hours seven days a week.

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Pollo Tropical Catering Menu 2022

Item Price
Catering Entree Only
Whole Chicken (Minimum 7) $9.94
Roast Pork (4lbs) $38.00
Caribbean Ribs (Minimum 6) $9.00
Catering Party Platters
25 Grilled Tropical Wings $19.00
50 Grilled Tropical Wings $35.00
20 Island Wraps $63.00
20 Sandwich Platter $65.00
Catering Sides (Small feeds 15 and Medium feeds 25 people)
White Rice (Small) $10.00
White Rice (Medium) $16.00
Brown Rice (Small) $11.00
Brown Rice (Medium) $16.00
Yellow Rice (Small) $14.00
Yellow Rice (Medium) $24.00
Black Beans (Small) $13.00
Black Beans (Medium) $20.00
Kernel Corn (Small) $19.00
Kernel Corn (Medium) $28.00
Mashed Potato & Gravy (Small) $25.00
Mashed Potato & Gravy (Medium) $37.00
Mac & Cheese (Small) $25.00
Mac & Cheese (Medium) $37.00
Balsamic Tomato (Small) $21.00
Balsamic Tomato (Medium) $32.00
Sweet Plantains (Small) $24.00
Sweet Plantains (Medium) $36.00
Caesar Salad (Small) $22.00
Caesar Salad (Medium) $33.00
House Salad (Small) $22.00
House Salad (Medium) $33.00
Boiled Yuca (Small) $19.00
Boiled Yuca (Medium) $27.00
Caribbean Corn Souffle (Small) $24.00
Caribbean Corn Souffle (Medium) $35.00
Green Beans (Small) $21.00
Green Beans (Medium) $28.00
Bread Rolls By The Dozen $2.50
Bottle Of Hot Sauce $1.99
Catering Sauces
BBQ Sauce $0.00
Garlic Cilantro Sauce $0.00
Curry Mustard Sauce $0.00
Guava BBQ Sauce $0.00
Pineapple Rum Sauce $0.00
Fresh Salsa Sauce $0.00
Spicy Poyo Sauce $0.00
Catering Desserts
Guava Cheesecake (8) $16.00
Guava Bars (15) $15.00
Catering Drinks
Gallon Sweet Tea $4.99
Gallon Tea Unsweetened $4.99
Gallon Mango Sweet $4.99
Gallon Lemonade $4.99
Gallon Fruit Punch $4.99
Gallon Lemonade $4.99
Gallon Fruit Punch $4.99
Gallon Powerade $4.99

Benefits of Pollo Tropical catering 2022

If you’re planning an event, Pollo tropical can do everything cooking, so you are able to concentrate on the location and invitations, as well as entertainment. They also provide plates and other utensils.

The menu includes packages designed for 15 25-50 or even 100 persons. It’s easy to select the products you prefer and not be concerned whether it’s enough for everyone.

Pollo tropical Catering wants their customers to enjoy a memorable dining experience. Their catering expert will assist with the food requirements for your event.

How do I order from Pollo Tropical catering 2022

You can place an order online on their Pollo Tropical Website or better than that, contact their catering consultant. They’ll be delighted to help you.

Pick-ups can be made from any branch between the hours of 10:30 am to 11:00 pm. To deliver, there is the requirement of a minimum purchase and a delivery cost is included.

A professional catering service is there to help, simply contact them. If you require any extra cutlery or utensils, aside from what is already available They can assist you. They are on hand 24 hours every day of the week.

They accept the cash register, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. The only catch is that Pollo Tropical does not accept personal checks. You must place your order at least one working day prior to the date you want to ensure your order will be accepted.

The menu for catering is available in pre-set menus for groups, meaning you don’t have to be concerned about every single order. You can pick among Classic Pollo, Caribbean BBQ, Grilled Tropical Wings and Mojo Roast Pork.

Pollo Tropical Catering Reviews 2022

They provide competitive prices for their items and make use of the finest ingredients, free of trans-fats or hormones. Their website contains an FAQ page with the most important details about catering concerns.

They provide guidelines on what amount to buy depending on the quantity of people. For chicken, one quarter is sufficient for one individual. When it comes to roast pork, 4 pounds can feed 10-12 people. For the Caribbean ribs, half of a rack is usually enough for one person.

An entire group of fifteen receiving a Pollo package that includes chicken or Mojo Roast Pork , or Calypso beef served with beans, rice and two other sides and dips will cost between $100 and $130.

A larger group of 25 people purchasing Bone-In-Chicken, a choice of brown, white or yellow rice and rolls, beans, and other sides could cost between $200 to $240.

A 50-person party receiving Bone-In Chicken, any type of rice and rolls, as well as the option of a side dish could cost between $380 and $450.

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