Pizza Hut Catering menu And prices 2022

Pizza Hut Catering menu – Serving a crowd is easy and convenient. It’s also cost-effective, especially when Pizza Hut Catering is the mainstay behind it! Pizza Hut Catering menu implements an eating plan based on the need to feed a crowd of 10, 15, 25 and 50.

Food will be delivered one way only Pizza Hut knows: hot new, fresh, and delicious. You can pick a selection of wings, pizzas, cinnamon sticks, garlic sticks, portions of pasta from Tuscani, fresh salads from the garden and more.

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Pizza Hut Catering Menu

Below are the most recent Pizza Hut Catering menu prices.



Price per 1-topping large pizza (14″)
8-15 Pizzas $9.00
16-30 Pizzas $8.50
31+ Pizzas $8.00


48 Wings $32.00
72 Wings $43.00
96 Wings $58.00
120 Wings $72.00


Each family size pasta comes with 5 breadsticks & serves 3-4.
6-15 Pastas $12.00
16-30 Pastas $11.00
31+ Pastas $10.00


Side Salad $2.99


2 Large Pizzas or 2 Family Size Pastas
16 Wings
2 Sides
4 Large Pizzas or 4 Family Size Pastas
24 Wings
4 Sides
8 Large Pizzas or 8 Family Size Pastas
48 Wings
8 Sides
12 Large Pizzas or 12 Family Size Pastas
96 Wings
12 Sides
Additional Toppings (per topping) $1.50
Extra Cheese $2.00


Pizza Hut is a well-known American restaurant chain serving American-style Italian cuisine. They also offer other Italian dishes like pasta, as well as other words. Due to their huge success, they’ve managed to penetrate international markets, such as China and India. In 2015 they had over 8000 brand names in the US alone and 5000 more stores in more than 92 countries. This is a total of more than 13,000 stores around the world. This puts Yum! Brands Inc., Pizza Hut’s parent company, is the biggest fast-food chain worldwide.


Pizza Hut was first founded in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney, students of Wichita State University. The first restaurant opened within Wichita, Kansas, while their longest-running location was at Manhattan, Kansas, closing in.
It’s also a known truth that Pizza Hut is a well-established brand in the local market and on the world scene, with locations all across North America, including Mexico and Canada. The other countries are China, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and many other countries.
After a dip in sales over some time, The company decided to change its brand name on 19 November 2014. This led to a more varied menu that includes a variety of crust flavours and speciality desserts. The idea was to attempt to boost sales and improve the entire look and feel of the brand.

Why should you choose PIZZA HUT to meet your needs for catering?

If you’re in search of the traditional flavor of Italian-American pizza Pizza Hut is a excellent choice, especially for guests seeking a delicious and delicious treat. Apart from the delicious pizzas, Pizza Hut catering prices are reasonable and worth purchasing due to their easy and fast service, as in addition to their delicious selection of special pizzas traditional pizza, delicious meals made of pasta, and much other options.

Enjoy Pizza Hut’s Catering Offering

You’ve likely heard that no person “Out-Pizzas in the Hut.” But, now you’re aware that they offer far more than Pizza!
They’ve been serving dishes that are family-friendly, such as pasta, salad and wings, for more than 60 years! There’s no one better equipped to handle your next business event or family gathering celebration!
Find the food you’re looking for, at the time you’re looking for it, at the price you’d like to pay! This is the thing that Pizza Hut has been dedicated to for years. It’s focused on the consumer and how Pizza Hut can help make your evening or event one to remember!

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