Pita Pit Catering Menu And Prices ( Update 2022 )

Pita Pit menu price – If your family members, friends or relatives came to your house in a hurry and you’d like to have food for them for them at a low cost and still delicious, then you can look up the most recent Pita Pit menu price list and place your order according to. It is also possible to find the secret menu of Pita Pit’s prices here.

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Here is the latest prices on Pita Pit’s menu updated list. If you want to know what the Pita Pit menu price list prior to going to the restaurant, or ordering food on the internet, you can simply browse and look over this Pita Pit menu price list below of your most-loved food items.

It is important to be aware of the current prices of food items like burgers and soup, salad and chicken, drinks, and many more.

In this website, we provide all restaurants’ current menu prices and updated information. You can find it the list below. Pita Pit menu prices list for 2021.

We have included Pita Pit breakfast menu price, Pita Pit meal menu cost, Pita Pit catering menu prices below in the table that you should consider prior to ordering at the restaurant or online.

Pita Pit Catering Menu

However. You should check on the Pita Pit official site for the menu to determine the exact cost.

See the most recent and up-to-date Pita Pit menu price and examine it with the prices on our menu since restaurants may change their prices at any time and there could be minor variations in cost that are listed on this page and the actual.

.Here’s a list of Pita Pit catering prices:



Pita Platters For Any Occasion (serves 10)

Pete’s Signature Platter $8.00/person
Meat Lover’s Platter $8.00/person
Classic Mixed Platter $7.50/person
Deli Platter $8.00/person
Veggie Lover’s Platter $6.50/person

We Offer More Thank Just Pitas: (serves 10)

Salad Trays $3.50/person
Chips Or Cookies $1.50/person
Pop (cans) $1.49/person
Pop (bottles) $2.29/person


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Pros Of Pita Pit Catering

Customers can personalize their own pita pita sandwiches. Customers can pick from most important ingredients, including falafel, chicken souvlaki and cheese steak topped with the cheese of their choice.

Customers can also pick their personal sauce to serve or dip pita sandwiches. Customers can also choose chips or salads to accompany the pita sandwich.

Customers are able to mix and match ingredients in the restaurant to style the perfect pita sandwiches. There are no set rules since the customers are allowed to be creative when mixing ingredients.

How To Place An Order With Pita Pit Catering

For groups, or for special events Customers can place their orders online , or by making direct phone calls or visits to the closest location. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Customers must first choose from the menu of items they wish to purchase. Menus are accessible through their site. Customers can select the theme of their platters, salads, or even create the pita yourself.

The second option is for customers to pick the extras. These include chips, drinks or cookies, as well as sweets. The extras are different in each location.

Third, pick the closest to the restaurant’s onsite location. Customers may call the restaurant to confirm their orders, or wait for the response of staff members when ordering on the internet.

Ideally, for smaller events the order should be made at least 24 hours before the event. Orders are required to be made at least two days before large events. Credit card and cash transactions are accepted.


Nelson Lang and John Sotiriadis founded their first Pita Pit eatery situated in Kingston, Ontario near Queen’s University in 1995. In 1997, the business expanded its operations to Canada which was followed by the first franchises to be granted to the United States in 1999.

At present, the Pita Pit chain boasts of more than 500 restaurants spread across 11 countries, including those in the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Panama, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Why would you want to choose it for your CATERING Needs

Pita Pit catering costs are reasonable considering that each of the packages includes delicious, tasty and filling drinks and food for which the company is renowned for. It is possible to choose from themed salads and platters, or build your own menu from basic food items.

Your guests and you will generally enjoy the standard Pita Pit in-store dining experience however, in different settings like at your workplace or home park. Your guests will be able to make their own meals from the primary ingredients, including Philly cheesesteak or chicken souvlaki. They will also enjoy falafel. They will be followed by various cheeses. Also, you can provide an assortment of salads and a selection of condiments, sauces and dips.

The platters you can choose from comprise:

  • Chicken crave, lean and seasoned chicken and Ham
  • Chicken Caesar with lean seasoned chicken, parmesan cheese and bacon
  • Buffalo chicken with spicy-seasoned covering, banana chilies and fresh vegetables
  • Spicy Thai chicken with lean , seasoned chicken with spinach, a spicy sauce
  • Philly steak, shaved beef the steak, fresh vegetables and chipotle sauce

Each platter is already equipped with 10 pieces of pita that are divided in half to make it easier for you to use them.

Other options on the menu are:

  • Super Salad Trays with choices including Caesar Salad, Greek Salad or Garden Salad. Each order can be used to serve 5 meals or 10 salads.
  • Additional drinks, such as various beverages in bottles and cans (e.g. Coke, Sprite, and Canada Dry) Chips (e.g., Lay’s Classic potato chips) as well as cookies (e.g. oatmeal raisin, peanut butter or double choc)

If you are ordering catering for your needs, it is easy to phone or visit the closest Pita Pit restaurant as well as order via the official website. It is essential to have the necessary information, including names of all your children, desired date of delivery, your preferred time, and location of delivery, as well as your order details (i.e. quantities and food items) to ensure a seamless process.

Pita Pit Catering Reviews

Customers can choose to pick up the order sent to their door. For orders that can be picked up customers will be informed about the time of pick-up by the staff at the nearest store.

For delivery, the address must be given, and charges for delivery depend on the location of the client. Each order includes plates, platters and forks as well as napkins. If you are hosting events that have more than 50 people, customers can call the restaurant to make special arrangements.

The prices of the food items of the restaurant are higher than those of other chain restaurants. However, for other pita sandwiches from the restaurants, costs are reasonable and are comparable.

The prices for pita sandwiches are set per person. For orders for groups sandwiches are sold at the same cost multiplied by the quantity of guests. However, for platters prices differ based according to the amount of diners in attendance and how much they are served. style that pita is served.

The prices at Pita are considered to be high in the market, but the quality and service at the restaurant are top-quality. All the ingredients used are fresh, clean and distinctive. Pita pit restaurant definitely gives its customers a unique pita experience.

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