Papa John’s Catering Menu With Prices 2022

Papa John’s Catering Menu pizza and are looking to visit one of Papa John’s locations? If so then you shouldn’t to go there without knowing their current menu. In this article, I’ll tell you the most current price of the Papa John’s Menu.

Papa John’s serves meals such as pizzas, papadias desserts, sides and more. You can enjoy a delicious dinner here for less than $20.00. The most well-known dish in their restaurant is the garden fresh.

However, the menu at Papa John’s isn’t all I’ll cover within this piece. I’ll also provide the details of franchising including contact details, as well as the nutrition breakdown of the dishes included on the menu of Papa John’s. Before we do we do that, let’s look at some of the background behind Papa John’s.

Papa John’s is an American pizza restaurant franchise chain established in 1984 by “Papa” John Schnatter on October 2nd 1984. The first Papa John’s store Papa John’s was opened in Jeffersonville, Indiana. At present, it is the third largest pizza take-out as well as delivery establishment within the United States.

Papa John’s has established a name for itself on the market solely by focusing on the taste and quality of their pizzas. Their slogan is “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa Johns.” and the company has been using this motto since 1984.

Papa John’s Catering Menu with Prices 2022

Papa John’s menu includes a broad selection of pizzas including their classic cheese pizza and the Pepperoni pizza and sausage pizza, Spicy Italian, Spinach Alfredo and numerous others. Their pizzas are offered in two different crusts: the thin crust and the original crust.

Papa John’s menu includes items such as garlic knots bacon cheese sticks, breadsticks and chicken poppers wings of chicken and many more things. There are drinks and desserts from their menu, too.

The reason customers are so fond of Papa John’s is due to the high quality of their food. They make sure to make use of the finest and most fresh ingredients in the creation of their pizzas.

Papa John’s Catering menu prices are like similar pizza chain prices. The prices are based on how big the pizza that you are purchasing. Papa John’s usually serves their pizzas in four sizes: medium, small large, large and extra-large. So, now that you’re done waiting take a look at the most recent Papa John’s menu and prices.

Papa John’s Catering Pizza Menu

Create Your Own $7.99
Extra Cheesy Alfredo $14.99
Meatball Pepperoni $12.99
Garden Fresh $12.99
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken $12.99
The Works $12.99
The Meats $12.99
Fresh Spinach & Tomato Alfredo $12.99
Tuscan Six Cheese $12.99
Philly Cheesesteak $14.99
BBQ Chicken Bacon $12.99
Fiery Buffalo Chicken $14.99
Pepperoni, Sausage, and Six Cheese $12.99
Ultimate Pepperoni $12.99
Super Hawaiian $14.99
Zesty Italian Trio $12.99

Papa John’s Catering Papadias Menu

Papadias $6.00

Papa John’s Catering Sides Menu

Rolls $4.99
Chicken Wings $7.99
Cheesesticks $8.99
Breadsticks $6.49
Chicken Poppers $7.49
Knots $5.99

Papa John’s Catering Desserts Menu

Cinnamon Knots $5.00
Double ChocChip Brownie $6.00
Cinnapie $4.50
Cinnapie X Icing $5.25
Family Chocolate Chip Cookie $6.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie Icing $6.75

Papa John’s Catering Drinks Menu

Water $2.25
Tea $3.25
Soft Drink $3.25
Juice/Fruit $3.25

Papa John’s Catering Extras Menu

Pepperoncini $0.75
Jalapeno Peppers $0.75
Parmesan Cheese Free
Crushed Red Pepper Free
Special Seasonings $0.50
Banana Peppers $0.75
Anchovies $0.75

Papa John’s Pizza Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To verify the nutritional details of the food items on the menu of Papa John’s You can check the link in the previous paragraph.

Papa John’s Franchise Details

Papa John’s Catering Menu 1

Papa John’s Catering has 5,199 stores across 44 territories and countries across the world. Of the 5,199 locations 4456 of them are franchised to private individuals and the remainder of them are owned by corporate entities. If you’re planning to create your own Papa John’s shop, this is what it will cost.

Name of Fee Cost
Initial Franchise Fee From $0 to $25,000
Real Estate Brokerage Fees From $0 to $10,000
Professional Fees From $1,000 to $12,000
Construction/Leasehold Improvements From $0 to $500,000
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment From $0 to $120,000
Information System From $0 to $30,000
On-Site Support Fee From $0 to $2,500
On-Site Installation and Support Fee From $0 to $5,000
Help Desk Service Fee From $0 to $1,000
Software Enhancement Fee From $0 to $420
Signage From $3,000 to $20,000
First Month’s Rent From $0 to $5,000
Security Deposit and Other Deposits, Insurance Premium From $1,000 to $8,500
Opening Inventory and Supplies From $2,000 to $10,000
Grand Opening Advertising From $0 to $10,000
Training Expenses From $2,000 to $15,000
Miscellaneous Opening Costs From $2,500 to $20,000
Additional Funds – 3 months From $15,000 to $50,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL From $26,500 to $844,420


Royalty 5% of Gross Sales

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Official Website
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Papa John’s Contact Information

Papa John’s Corporate Office Address- 2002 Papa Johns Blvd.Louisville, KY

Papa John’s Corporate Phone Number- (502) 261-7272

You can also contact the team of Papa John’s by using the contact form on their website.

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