On The Border Catering Menu With Prices 2022


Catering at On the Border Menu Prices can be customized based on the event you are planning, making their catering services unique and simple to use.

On the other hand, the Border is a great way to dress up and down, based on the theme of your event! They have catering experts that can assist you in deciding on the catering options available to you.

There’s the pick-up option, standard delivery, and full-service catering. The full-service catering includes the equipment for banquets and tables! They also send an excellent team of staff to set up and tear away the apparatus.

On The Border Catering Menu

With three distinct styles for catering, On the Border is all set to go. This Mexican Grill and Cantina offers everything from delicious Dip and Chips as well as buffets for burritos.

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Lunch Combination Fajitas


Lunch Chicken Fajitas


Lunch Steak Fajitas


Dinner Combination Fajitas


Dinner Chicken Fajitas


Dinner Steak Fajitas


The Ultimate Fajita


Portobello Fajitas


Mexican Combinations

A Flair of Mexico


Fiesta Favorites


Taste of the Border


Create Your Own Combo (2 Items)


Complete Meal Bundles

Grande Fajita Fiesta


Grande Traditional Fiesta


Tour of Mexico


Value Meals

Chicken Fajita & Beef Taco Buffet


Fiesta Special


Taco Bar Combo Buffet


Traditional Fiesta


Nacho Bar Buffet (Chicken)


Nacho Bar Buffet (Steak)


Nacho Bar Buffet (Combination, Beef & Chicken)


Nacho Bar Buffet (Taco Meat)


Appetizer Buffets

Create Your Own Appetizer (Choice of 4 Items)


Border Bowls

Border Bowls Buffet (Fajita Steak)


Border Bowls Buffet (Fajita Chicken)


Border Bowls Buffet (Fajita Combination)


Border Bowls Buffet (Fajita Shrimp)


Border Bowls Buffet (Fajita Portobello)


Border Bowls Buffet (Fajita Veggies)


Add a Shrimp Skewer to your bowl


Boxed Lunches

Fajita Wrap Box (Chicken)


Fajita Wrap Box (Steak)


Fajita Wrap Box (Veggies)


Half Wrap & Salad Combos (Chicken)


Half Wrap & Salad Combos (Steak)


Half Wrap & Salad Combos (Veggies)


Burrito Boxes (Fajita Chicken)


Burrito Boxes (Fajita Steak)


Burrito Boxes (Shredded Beef)


Burrito Boxes (Carnitas)


Burrito Boxes (Sauteed Veggie)


Burrito Boxes (Portobello Mushroom)


Burrito Box Lunch Additions (Guacamole)


Burrito Box Lunch Additions (Sour Cream)


Burrito Box Lunch Additions (Dessert Bar)


Appetizer Platter

Combo Supremo (serves 6-8)


Mexican Sampler (serves 6-8)


Fajita Platters

Fajita Dinner Platter Chicken Fajita (serves 4-6)


Fajita Dinner Platter Steak Fajita (serves 4-6)


Fajita Dinner Platter Steak & Chicken Fajita (serves 4-6)


Fajita Dinner Platter Additions (Cheese)


Fajita Dinner Platter Additions (Guacamole)


Cold Fajita Wrap Platters Chicken (serves 8-12)


Cold Fajita Wrap Platters Chicken with Bacon & Avocado (serves 8-12)


Cold Fajita Wrap Platters Steak (serves 8-12)


Cold Fajita Wrap Platters Steak with Bacon & Avocado (serves 8-12)


Cold Fajita Wrap Platters Veggie (serves 8-12)



King Ranch Casserole Meal (serves 12-16)


Cheesy Beef Enchilada Casserole Meal (serves 12-16)


Green Chile Carnitas Enchilada Casserole Meal (serves 12-16)


Vegetarian Casserole Meal with Tomatillo Sauce (serves 12-16)


Vegetarian Casserole Meal with Ranchero Sauce (serves 12-16)


Appetizers By The Dozen

Firecracker Stuffed Jalapenos


Mini Brisket Burritos (BBQ)


Mini Brisket Burritos (No Sauce)


Mini Chimichangas (Chicken)


Mini Chimichangas (Beef)


Mini Chimichangas (Combination, Chicken & Beef)


Mini Chimichangas (Spinach & Mushrooms)


Mini Chimichangas (Black Bean & Corn)


Mini Quesadillas (Chicken Fajita)


Mini Quesadillas (Steak Fajita)


Mini Quesadillas (Combination, Chicken & Steak)


Mini Quesadillas (Spinach & Mushrooms)


Mini Quesadillas (Brisket)


Dips & Chips

Guacamole (serves 8-10)


Original Queso (serves 10-15)


Pico de Gallo (serves 10-15)


Salsa (serves 10-15)


5-Layer Dip (serves 15-20)


Fresh Tortilla Chips (serves 20, large)


OTB Layered Dip & Chips Chicken (serves 20)


OTB Layered Dip & Chips Beef (serves 20)



Mango Chicken Salad (serves 8-10)


Confetti Rice Salad (serves 15-20)


House Salad (serves 8-10)


Fajita Chicken Salad


Fajita Steak Salad


Fajita Chicken & Steak Salad


Tacos & Enchiladas

Enchiladas Chicken


Enchiladas Beef


Enchiladas Chicken Suizas


Enchiladas Cheese no Onions with Chile con Carne


Enchiladas Cheese with Onions & Chile con Carne


Enchiladas Cheese & Onion with Questo


Enchiladas Vegetarian (Cheese with Green Tomatillo)


Enchiladas Vegetarian (Cheese with Ranchero Sauce)


Enchiladas Vegetarian (Spinach & Mushrooms)


Tacos (Crispy Chicken)


Tacos (Crispy Beef)


Tacos (Soft Chicken)


Tacos (Soft Beef)


Specialty Tacos (Grilled Fish Tacos)


Specialty Tacos (Brisket Tacos)


Specialty Tacos (Southwest Chicken Tacos)



Black Beans (serves 6-8)


Refried Beans (serves 6-8)


Cilantro Lime Rice


Mexican Rice


Corn Tortillas


Flour Tortillas



Assorted Dessert Platter (24 pieces)


Chewy Chocolate and Walnut Brownies




Mini-Sopapilla Platter


Brownie Bite Platter



Bottled Water


Fresh Brewed Iced Tea




Sweet Brewed Iced Tea


Service Types

Delivery Deluxe


Full Service


Set & Retrieve Service



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The original On The Border Mexican Grill and Cantina opened on the intersection between Travis and Knox in Dallas, Texas in 1982. Three friends who created the concept of this restaurant had the idea of offering cuisine that was border-style with the rest of all over the world. Border-style food generally means authentic Tex-Mex food, which includes mesquite-grilled, freshly-prepared ingredients, tortillas that are hand-pressed and sauces made from scratch. 

The concept proved to be a huge success and soon they were required to open more locations, not just within the United States but in other regions of the world too. With more than three decades of experience in the business of food they have a promise to remain focused on providing their customers with high-quality and fresh Mexican dishes that are inspired by Mexican cuisine at a reasonable price.

Border Bowl Buffet

This is an excellent option when you wish to offer your guests the option to make their bowls with ingredients they enjoy. The buffet will include “your choice of protein of your choice, cilantro-lime rice bell peppers, black beans, and queso fresco. Also included are chopped lettuce and pico de gallo chips, guacamole, chips, as well as salsa.”

Combo Supremo

The Combo Supremo is one of the party Platters. The Party Platters include various samplers that can be used as an excellent appetizer. If there isn’t a platter that has precisely what you need, you can design your platter.

The Combo Supremo serves 6-8 people and comes with Texas wings, chicken or beef empanadas, and firecracker-stuffed jalapenos mini-chicken quesadillas with ranch and queso. This is a top platter!

Dips & Chips

If you’re planning to serve Mexican food at your next event, it is essential to remember chips and dips! On the Border, Border provides fresh guacamole, queso, mix-ins, five layers of dip pico, salsa, and chips, of course.

Take advantage of the catering services.

If you have any concerns about the catering services, They have catering experts who can assist you in determining the most appropriate option for your occasion. They also provide information on allergens and menus with alternative options on their website if you require them.



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