Market Basket Catering Menu With Prices 2022

Market Basket Catering is a grocery store that sells fresh seafood, breads baked in-store and premium meat choices as well as sweets, gourmet catering and floral arrangements daily from Mondays through Fridays from 7am to 8pm Saturdays from 7am to 7pm, and Sundays from 7am until 5pm.

Full-service catering is just the specialty of Market Basket, complete with highly trained and professional staff. They offer a wide range of menus as well as entertainment and party rentals and venues for events, Market Basket has been known as the most reliable catering service in New Jersey. 

The excellent food, the friendly staff, innovative ideas for parties and event planning have set Market Basket apart from other of the caterers around town. That’s why they’re considered the “Best Catering in New Jersey” and “Most Raved about Caterer” by New Jersey Monthly Magazine and NJ Savvy Living Magazine.

Quality and freshness are two principles they adhere to so that every customer is treated with the highest quality and is served by world-class staff. Over the past 50 years, the three generations of the family were united and played a major role in the growth of the business , which was one of the top New Jersey gourmet stores. 

market basket catering

It was first established in 1960 in Urban Farms Shopping Center Franklin Lakes, New Jersey and is now part of the history of food in the city of Franklin Lakes.

Market Basket Catering Menu 2022

Item Price
Deviled Egg Tray $12.99
Fried Chicken Picnic Pack $24.99
Signature Sandwich Platter $34.99
Cheese & Cracker Platter $34.99
Finger Roll Platter Medium $34.99
Fine Cheese Platter $34.99
Snack Pleaser Platter $34.99
Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray Medium $36.99
Medium Classic Platter $39.99
Italian Meat & Cheese Platter $39.99
Royal Delight Platter Medium $39.99
Cheese & Fruit Platter $44.99
Finger Roll Platter Large $44.99
Fruit Platter $44.99
Garden Appetizer Platter $44.99
Taste Of Inspirations Medium Platter $44.99
Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray Large $49.99
Large Classic Platter $59.99
Royal Delight Large Platter $59.99
Taste Of Inspiration Large Platter $69.99

Pros of Market Basket Catering 2022

Market Basket Catering is an all-in one supermarket that provides convenience to families and all the neighbors, located in an easy to reach location and committed to bringing fresh food from the farm to table.

Freshly baked and freshly prepared sandwiches that are popular and meals prepared to eat throughout the day, all the way to frozen meats and fish that are grilled in stores for dinner are just fantastic.

A staff that is welcoming and helpful to customers of all kinds is among the top attributes this establishment has. The welcoming vibe is evident from the moment you walk into the store.

How to Order from Market Basket 2022

The most delicious foods you can get from the Market Basket include: Breakfast sandwiches, Weekly and Daily Menus of the Month, Grills from MB Deli Cheeses and Cold Cuts, Salads and Desserts.

The gourmet gift baskets ideal for sending to your loved ones and acquaintances to let them know that you are thinking of them.

The newest gift idea is to give an individual gift basket that includes freshly cooked food comprising soups, entrees, salads, desserts, and snacks suitable for two to eight people and a card with wishes.

Market Basket also accepts corporate and bulk orders for offices and workplaces. It is possible to order food on the internet or by phone at least one day prior to picking up every order.

For bulk orders, please call Market Basket customer service ahead of time to receive better assistance.

There are a variety of options to place an order and then enjoy an excellent meal at Market Basket:

  • In-Store
  • Calling Customer hotline1-888-4MB-FOOD / catering hotline 201 891-2000
  • Online Shop on Website

Market Basket Catering Reviews 2022

Market Basket is a one-stop shop with more options than typical supermarkets. They offer fresh and top quality meats, seafood fruit salads, vegetables, cheeses as well as desserts, oils and more.

They also provide catering services for various events like weddings or birthdays, corporate functions as well as family gatherings and other memorable occasions. They offer a variety of catering services, including menus and themes invitations, entertainment, productions, to party requirements as well as flowers, and even venues.

The rates are affordable compared to other catering firms in New Jersey. Prices vary based on the type of event and the requirements. They have event experts who are attentive to every aspect of the event and provide estimates.

They serve a great number of regular customers, including for deliveries and walk-ins so it is highly recommended to order your food ahead of time, if you don’t have time to stand in line. They will deliver your food fast however, you must get your order in at least one hour prior to. It is also possible to call before time to arrange for pickups.

Market Basket is much less than other grocery stores such as Shoprite Plus, this particular market offers freshly prepared meals and fresh produce daily.

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