Little Caesars Catering Menu 2022

Little Caesars Catering Menu If you’re in search of delicious pizza to serve at your next occasion, function or office celebration then the Little Caesars catering menu might help. Little Caesars has established itself as one of the most popular pizza chains across the nation They have hundreds of locations across in the United States.

While pizza is their most sought-after option on the menu, they offer other sides and choices to pick from if you’re looking to have an array of options. Although they offer pre-made pizzas and side dishes they also allow you to customize your pizzas if you’re searching for something particular.

Little Caesars Catering

If you’re looking for pizza, stop trying to find different menus online We’ve got Little Caesars’ catering menu right here. Little Caesars catering menu right here to make your life easier.

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Crazy Bread Combo Serves 3 $3.25
Caesar Wings Serves 3 $6.00
Italian Cheese Bread Serves 3 $4.25


Cheese Pizza Serves 3 $5.00
3 Meat Treat Pizza Serves 3 $8.00
Smokin Sausage & Onion Pizza Serves 3 $8.50
Veggie Pizza Serves 3 $9.00
Pepperoni Pizza Serves 3 $5.00
Hula Hawaiian Pizza Serves 3 $8.00
White Garlic Chicken Pizza Serves 3 $8.50
Ultimate Supreme Pizza Serves 3 $9.99


Assorted Soda Bottles 2 ltr. $3.25
Assorted Canned Sodas $1.49

Popular Catering Choices at Little Caesars

If you’re looking to serve your guests, colleagues or employees with food or lunch, Little Caesars is always a top choice. Little Caesars doesn’t have a specific catering menu, however, you can buy all of their menu items in the largest of quantities as you’d like. Like every pizza shop they’re willing to take on big orders on very short notice.

In addition to pizza, there are desserts, drinks and a variety of Italian-inspired appetizers. Take a look at what their regular catering customers like to buy when they place an order with Little Caesars!

Ultimate Supreme Pizza

A massive Ultimate Supreme Pizza is the ideal catering choice for pizza enthusiasts. It’s packed by pepperoni Italian sausage, onion green peppers, as well as mushrooms.

The pizza is priced at $9. Keep in mind that Little Caesars has a range of pizzas that are affordable and you can even customize your pizza to meet your preferences.

Italian Cheese Bread

You are looking for something more for your colleagues or clients to eat? This Italian cheese Bread is an excellent choice for casual events or a party.

Baked bread that is topped with melted cheese and seasoned will surely be an instant hit with any crowd. Each one is at $4 and will be an ideal appetizer for 3-4 persons.

Buffalo Caesar Wings

Another kind of food Little Caesars is popular for is the chicken wings. The Buffalo Caesar Wings are cooked and coated in a delicious buffalo sauce. It’s certain to be a hit for any fan of wings who are in the crowd.

A purchase of 6-8 units costs you $6You can buy the quantity you need.

Cinnamon Loaded Crazy Bites

If you’re in need of something sweet for your party or celebration The Cinnamon Loaded Crazy Bites have been a frequent choice of customers. Cinnamon-filled baked bites are coated with a delicious frostingthey’re the perfect sweet dessert to finish off any dinner.

Each package of Cinnamon Crazy Bites loaded with sugar will cost you $5.

Enjoy Little Caesars’ Catering Offering 2022

No matter what time of day it is, Little Caesars is always available to serve you fast, inexpensive food. With a variety of restaurants throughout the United States, it’s easy to arrange the catering you require at any time you require it.

Contact the branch closest to you to make arrangements for an order for catering, particularly in the event that it’s massive. Be aware that Little Caesars does not deliver so you’ll need to collect your order once it’s complete.

Little Caesars is also happy to supply sodas and other beverages in large quantities, if you require refreshments when you order catering.

Be sure to take a comprehensive study of their menu before making any choices because they offer many menu options to choose from for your next event or event. Be sure to not be left out of some of their delectable catering menu options!

Little Caesars Catering Reviews 2022

Little Caesars is the perfect option for large parties or orders since its pizzas are affordable. They’re available in regular slices, but you can prefer to cut them into squares of fancy design.

Little Caesars’ large orders can come in packs of five pizzas. They can serve 20 people, or as many as 75 pizzas to serve 300 people.

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Little Caesars Contact Information

Little Caesars Corporate Office Address– 2211 Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48201 United States

Little Caesars Corporate Phone Number– 1-(313) 983-6409

Little Caesars Customer Support Contact Number– 1-800-722-3727

You cal also contact the team of Little Caesars by using the contact form on their website.

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