In-N-Out Catering Menu Prices Update – 2022

In-N-Out Catering Menu Prices – When choosing an event catering company, In-N’Out’s excellent menu prices aren’t necessarily the only factor to consider. In-N’Out is a truly unique dining experience for all burger lovers through the provision of Cookout Trailers to cater for various occasions. The Cookout Trailers are sure to please those attending wedding receptions, corporate events, or even your birthday celebration! They will follow you where you are.

The most important thing to think about is the location of the In-N-Out Cookout Trailers can only be found in a few areas. The website states, “The Cookout Trailers are only available in Los Angeles County, Orange County, limited parts of Ventura – San Bernardino – Riverside Counties and limited parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.”

In-N-Out Catering Menu
If you have any questions regarding the options available below, contact our Cookout Department at (626) 813-8295.


Cookout Trailer

To reserve a date, we must have a signed contract and a $500 deposit.
Double-Double $6.30
Cheeseburger $4.80
Hamburger $4.35
Grilled Cheese $4.20
Fountain Drinks 20 oz $1.99
Chips $0.99

Popular Catering Choices at In-N-Out

In-N’Out’s menu is straightforward to start with. It is easy to choose which items you’d like to serve for your special event.


If you’ve never visited In-N-Out, You must know what the Double-Double is all about. Even if you’ve seen In-N-Out in the past, these burgers are worth discussing every time.

It’s as simple as that to double the meat and increase the cheese. This is a Double-Double. The burgers you serve will leave your guests satisfied and full.

Grilled Cheese

Of course, there’s an option of vegetarian food to serve your guests. The grilled cheese is still done in the famous In-N-Out bun and is then toasted to the perfect level. Be sure to keep several of these in your fridge to delight your guests at your party.

20 Oz. Fountain Drinks And Chips

It might sound like a standard menu item, but it’s sometimes not thought of. In-N-Out burgers are best enjoyed when you’ve got a large, cold Coke to enhance the flavour! While fries aren’t available inside the cooking trucks, chips are readily available to satisfy your potato craving.

Enjoy In-N-Out’s Catering Offerings

In-N’Out makes it easy to estimate the cost of Cookout Trailers and food items by offering the Cookout Calculator section at their site! Make sure you use this tool to simplify the process of planning your event.

A thing to keep in mind is that French fries shakes and fries are not available in the cookout trailers. However, they offer excellent service and staff and boxes of napkins, tables, and tables for service. The website provides more details on the dimensions of the trailers and the specifications to accommodate space.

The trailers are incredibly well-loved! Be sure to make plans ahead, so you do not miss these delicious burgers! In-N-Out books them up to up to 4-6 months ahead of time.

In-N-Out Burger Catering Reviews 2022

In-n-out Burger has distinctive types of burgers that are renowned for their secret menu. It includes triple meat, 3 X 3, 4 X 4 Protein style, and Animal style.

The two most distinctive styles are the protein style and the animal style. Protein style is a burger wrapped in lettuce, while animal style is hamburger wrapped in lettuce, with tomatoes and mustard beef patties.

To avail delivery and pick-up services of the chain of burgers, customers are advised to take advantage of these services from the closest location. Delivery prices depend depending on where the client is.

The costs of the items of the chain of burgers are affordable. Compared with other burger chains on the market, In-n-Out offers cheap burgers that are also delicious and fresh.

Prices for all burgers depend on the amount of food ordered. Customers can choose to order a single burger or have meals that include fries and drinks. The meals are more expensive than singles.

Follow this link to find more information.

How To Order From In-N-Out Burger Catering 2022

For catering using the cookout trailer, customers must reserve the trailer up to 6 months before the event. The deposit must be paid, and a contract signed before using the cookout trailer’s catering service.

There’s also an online calculator for cookouts for those who are interested. It requires the number of guests, the duration time, and the kind of food to add to the meal cost.
Apart from the grilling trailer, the chain also takes orders on the internet. Orders can be placed via direct phone calls, emails or via fax. The menu is accessible through their website.

When choosing the food you want to order, many other items are available in addition to hamburgers, such as grilled cheese shakes, sandwiches, shakes and other things. Customers can choose to pair their burgers with a variety of options sides. The payment can be made with cash or by credit card. Those who use credit cards, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express are accepted.


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