Hooters Catering Menu With Prices ( Update 2022 )

Hooters Catering Menu – Double or it’s not. Hooters has become one of the more well-known food brands of the present. From its iconic owl-eye logo to the Hooter girls, its reputation is well-known, and that’s not even mentioning the Delicious food they serve to its customers.

The food is believed to be intended for a more mature and adult crowd. The Hooters is proud to be the first restaurant in the world to serve its meals with a pretty female service staff which will tickle every boy’s fancy. In their food menus, they have a variety of selections for comfort meals. They serve their signature sandwich, chicken wings, hamburgers, steaks, and seafood. They also have a selection of soups, salads and desserts, and starters.

While everyone can agree on the merits of the chicken wings they serve, it’s the charm of the sexy waiters who make the majority of customers (the men who are targeted for the restaurant) come to the establishment. It’s a place where they can bring their friends a cold pint or cold beer while watching sports with attractive ladies.

Hooters Catering Menu

There has been talking about Hooters moving to an atmosphere more family-friendly. But, after its satirical birth by Hooters Six, the Original Hooters Six at an old nightclub that was in disrepair located in Clearwater, Florida, on October 4 in 1983, the male-oriented brand has grown to more than 430 locations across the globe, with branches located in all 44 US States and various countries including Singapore, Canada, Russia, Japan and many more.

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Hooters Catering Menu & Prices

Item Price
Hooters Party Platters
Hooters World Famous Chicken Wings (serves 8-10) $49.99
Peel & Eat Shrimp (serves 8-10) $49.99
Sandwich Platter (serves 8-10) $49.99
Slider Platter (serves 8-10) $49.99
Catering Sides
Caesar Salad (serves 4-6) $6.99
Celery & Pickle Spears (serves 4-6) $6.99
Garden Salad (serves 4-6) $6.99
Hooters To Go
Boneless Wings $8.99
Texas Melt $8.99
Western BBQ Burger $8.99
Strip Cheese $8.99
More Than A Mouthful Burger $8.99
Club Sandwich $8.99
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $8.99
Chicken Caesar Salad (Pre-Tossed) $8.99
Buff Chick Salad $8.99
Fries $1.99
Cheesecake $0.49
Beverage $1.99
Hooters World Famous Chicken Wings
10 Pcs. $10.99
20 Pcs. $17.99
50 Pcs. $37.99

Pros of Hooters Catering

With its numerous branch locations and outlets, it can be the ideal place for a bite to eat or to simply meeting with friends. Hooters catering is suitable for any event that requires good food and fun. This could be a bachelor or bachelorette party or a getting away party and even birthday celebration.

With its diverse selection of comfort food options like seafood, sandwiches, burgers and steaks that will draw even the most casual Joe It’s likely that everyone would want to dine here, and especially the famous Buffalo chicken wings.

How do I place an order with Hooters Catering

If you’re looking for their famous Buffalo wings, or you’re looking to indulge in one of the delicious burgers they serve, Ordering is simple. Some branches will offer the option of making reservations for tables on a specific date and time for the event; however, unlike most restaurants, there is the option of a caterer who will dine in or deliver the food to you.

Apart from their famous chicken wings, there’s a variety of choices for food items to pick from their menu. Hooter’s Tater Tots, as well as classic Curly Q fries, are something worth having on the side.

If you’re in the market for particular types of burgers, here are some suggested choices:

  • “More than a Mouthful” Hooters Original delight and pride. It’s a burger that is simple to enjoy with cheese added and condiments such as mustard or ketchup you like.
  • A Bleu Cheese & Bacon burger is a popular bestseller. These are burgers made with bacon smoked in applewood as well as a bleu cheese sauce.
  • If you’re looking for something with more kick, Consider The Big Baja’s Jalapeno cheese and salsa combination.

    Catering Review

    If you choose to hire Hooters to cater your next event or celebration, Here’s something to think about. When it comes to the type of food, catering typically is contingent on the amount and the size.

    Their signature wings differ based on whether you’re buying 100 pieces (about $105), 250 pieces (about $255) 500 parts (about 480 dollars). Boneless wings are approximately the same cost, except for 500 pieces (around $490). There is also the Buffalo Chicken Strip option and a chicken breast topped with the signature sauce for wings. Thirty pieces cost approximately $56-58, 60 pieces cost around $112-114, while 90 pieces are about $168-170.

    Starters can accommodate about ten people, and the traditional Tater Tots and Curley fries will cost you around $13-15. Onion Rings are around $19-20. Cheese sticks and quesadillas will cost you around $25-30.

    The Hooters Salad is the signature Hooters Salad that’s a serving of 10 can cost between $40-42, and the Garden and the Caesar Salad range from about 35-39.

    Compared to the typical single portion in Caesar Salad in McDonald’s of approximately $6, a serving size is a cost-effective option. Hooter’s ten servings cost approximately 42 dollars, whereas McDonald’s seven servings are around $42.

    On the seafood side, Buffalo shrimp has small portions that include 40 pieces (about 45-46 dollars) or 80 parts (about $85-$86).).

    You can have it for pick-up on the local Hooters in your area, or go for an online order which you can access here: https://ordering.hooters.com/. The delivery time will depend on if your local Hooters offer this option.

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