Cold Stone Catering Menu With Prices 2022

Cold Stone Catering Menu: Ice Cream’s Catering Menu fruit from more than twenty-five years of commitment to quality and delivering the best Cold Cream experience that their customers could ever want. It all begins with the granite stone used to mix up the ingredients according to the specific requirements of their clients. 

Their creations are amazing that they’re called the “10-minute vacation” each time a customer walks in their door. Let these masters in hospitality join your next event and offer an experience in Cold cream catering Menu which is unbeatable.

Cold Stone catering Menu 2022

Their Full Catering Menu Can Be Found Below:


Sundae Bars

Self-Service Sundae Bar for 70 Serves 70 $244.95
Self-Service Sundae Bar for 30 Serves 30 $130.00
Self-Service Sundae Bar for 38 Serves 38 $152.99
Self-Service Sundae Bar for 46 Serves 46 $175.98
Self-Service Sundae Bar for 54 Serves 54 $198.97
Self-Service Sundae Bar for 62 Serves 62 $221.96
Self-Service Sundae Bar for 78 Serves 78 $267.94
Self-Service Sundae Bar for 86 Serves 86 $290.93

Ice Cream Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookie Sandwiches

Midnight Delight Ice Cream Cake Serves 12 $37.99
Cookies & Creamery Ice Cream Cake Serves 12 $37.99
Cheesecake Named Desire Ice Cream Cake Serves 12 $37.99
Cake Batter Deluxe Ice Cream Cupcakes Serves 6 $13.99
Double Chocolate Devotion Ice Cream Cupcakes Serves 6 $13.99
Sweet Cream Ice Cream Cupcakes Serves 6 $13.99
Perfect Duet Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich $2.95
Cookie Crumb Yum Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich $2.95
Cake Batter Sprinkle Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich $2.95
Kiss & Tell Chocolate Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich $2.95
Create-Your-Own Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich $2.95

A La Carte Ice Cream

Founders Favorite Ice Cream Serves 6 $9.99
Peanut Butter Cup Perfection Ice Cream Serves 6 $9.99
Shock-a-Cone Ice Cream Serves 6 $9.99
Cake Batter Batter Batter Ice Cream Serves 6 $9.99


Waffle Cones $1.25
Waffles Bowls $1.25


Bottled Water $1.99
Assorted Individual Sodas $1.99

Popular Catering Choices at Cold Stone

Announcing Cold Stone means you’re going to provide your guests with various flavors of ice creams that put other ice cream shops that are popular to shame. There is no other place that can bring the complete experience of their shop directly to your event and guarantee that everyone gets an experience like being in the ambiance of a Cold Stone. From mixing the granite stone, to the wide variety of mixes and toppings you are able to request Cold Stone Catering means they’re guaranteed to provide an experience that they will remember for a lifetime.

Find their most popular products below:

Sundae Bars

If you’re looking to add the classic Cold Stone experience to your party, get their Sundae bars. Sundae bars provide the complete experience, from the staff to mixing stone, and an assortment of toppings and Ice cream straight to your event for all to enjoy. This is the ideal way to make an unforgettable party with your friends and family.

Pricing starts at just $5 per person for a $400 minimum purchase

Ice Cream Food Truck

This is a truly amazing option and lets you enjoy the experience wherever you choose to go. Have a large gathering of family members in a park with no electricity? There’s no problem! You can count on the Ice Cream Truck bringing its own. This is a requirement of 150 attendees and includes six flavors of ice cream twelve mixes including caramel, fudge, and fudge to the celebration.

$7 per person, minimum 150 persons for the $0.65/mile surcharge. Two hours of food included

Mobile Cool Carts

Consider them as the balance point between the entire Ice Cream Truck experience and the Sundae Bar. The Mobile Cool Carts provide some frozen ice creams that are pre-mixed and can be served with only one topping available to any number of customers you’d like, with a minimum serving of 100. This includes four hours of a rental car and an offer.

Cart Rental for 4 hours, and delivery at four dollars per person, with an at least $400


Mini-Novelties are an innovative option that provides a completely new flavor to the catering experience. Instead of offering options such as Ice cream sundaes, or scoops of frozen ice cream, mini-novelties come with an array of snacks that are assembled and then delivered to your venue. They include cake bites, canapes, cake pops consoles, mini-cones, and more.

You can get 25 for just $50, 50 for $100.00, or a custom order size.

Enjoy Cold Stone’s Catering Offering

Cold Stone has always dedicated itself to providing unforgettable experiences that provide an escape from the everyday. If you choose to call Cold Stone to provide their unique way of relaxing the guests of your party and guests, you’ll realize that it’s a business that has fun as an integral aspect of their model. From their delicious concoctions of ice cream and sundaes to their gourmet cake ice cream you can’t be satisfied with catering services from this business. They’ll show up at your event and serve the event with grace and hospitality that makes your guests feel like they’re at home and energized to return coming back next time to plan an event.

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Cold Stone Creamery Corporate Office Address: Kahala Corp, 9311 E. Via de Ventura, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Cold Stone Creamery Corporate Phone Number: (480) 362-4800

You can also contact the team of Cold Stone Creamery by using the contact form on their website.

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