Chipotle Catering Menu Prices And Guide 2021

Chipotle Catering Menu: Below is the complete Chipotle Catering Menu Prices and Guide. There are three options for catering: a two-meat spread, a three-meat spread with a minimum order of 20 people, or a “Burritos by the Box”, which requires a minimum order of 6 people. There is a minimum order of 10 for chips and salsa catering.

Chipotle Mexican fast-food chain offers Mexican-inspired dishes such as tacos and salads. Chipotle is well-known for its Mexican-inspired food, but the brand’s chipotle catering services are very popular.

Chipotle caters can be a great option if you’re planning a party or want to make your guests happy with unique and delicious food.

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Chipotle Catering Menu

Chipotle Catering Menu

Item Price

Two Meat Spread Price per person. 20-200 people order requirements.

Choose two types of meat from Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Barbacoa, or Sofritas (vegan) $12.00

The Big Spread – Three Meats and Fajita Veggies
Price per person. 20-200 people order requirements.

Choose three types of meat from Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Barbacoa, or Sofritas (vegan) $13.52

Burritos By The Box
Price per person. 6 or more people order requirement

Burrito $8.77

Chips & Salsa Spreads
Price per box

Chips & Salsa Spread (serves 10-15) $40.00
Chips & Salsa Spread (serves 15-20) $55.00

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Chipotle Catering Services

In terms of the design of their menus, Chipotle’s catering services are very similar to other caterers. The difference is in the food options, which are vast on the Chipotle catering menu. Burritos and chips are the main menu items. There are salsa spreads and many other options.

Chipotle caterers allow guests to make their own loos and bowls. You can give your guests the flavor they desire by allowing them to add any ingredients. This allows your guests to choose the meal they want.

Chipotle caterers also offer napkins, spoons, and forks to their guests. You can order the services online or over the phone. The website lists the prices for Chipotle’s menus, making it easy to place an order. The cost of Chipotle catering services is slightly higher than other brands. You can guarantee that your guests will enjoy the food.

Chipotle catering services are not present in every state of America

Chipotle claims it offers catering services throughout the country. Chipotle does not cover all states. Chipotle does not yet cater to New York City. It is still to be determined where to place the catering supplies, and what to include in the delivery.

Chicago offers breakfast catering, but it is not possible to order chipotle in all states. Some states have very strict hours for catering services. Chipotle offers 24-hour services in many states.

Place order or any size at Chipotle

Chipotle offers a variety of meal options, allowing the customer to choose the best option. Chipotle can provide food for up to six people and as many as 200 people. It is simple and easy to organize small or large parties at Chipotle. People may be discouraged by the high prices of Chipotle catering. The taste is what motivates people to make compromises on cost.

Small orders are usually ready to eat, while large orders can be customized to suit guests’ tastes.

Chipotle provides a meal at different times:

Chipotle does not have a specific time when you can place your order. Orders can be placed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will need to be mindful of the time constraints if you want to enjoy Chipotle Mexican Restaurant’s food.

How to order from Chipotle?

Orders can be placed online or over the phone. Chipotle does not specify the hours of operation for catering services. All you need to do is open the website of Chipotle, click on Chipotle near me to see the nearest branch of Chipotle, then open the Chipotle menu to see the Mexican food items provided by the chosen branch of Chipotle, and then go for Chipotle order online.

What are the cons of ordering food from Chipotle?

There are few options when it comes to providing burritos and tacos for guests who visit your home. Chipotle is the best choice. You don’t have to worry about the taste of chipotle before you order. Chipotle doesn’t compromise on taste. They make sure customers get the best food for the prices they pay.

Chipotle caterers are one of the most unique and best. This service allows people of different tastes to enjoy the same food in one place.

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