Chili’s Catering Latest Menu & Prices 2022

View the Chili’s Catering Menu offers fusion cuisines that combine Mexican and Texan cuisines. Under its banner, it offers burgers and ribs as well as fajitas. Event organizers love its catering service because it can cater for a variety of occasions, including corporate events and private parties. It can cater to large orders for both in-store events and on-site events.

Chili’s food is loved by its full-sized portions and rich taste. Chili’s offers something for everyone, including vegetarians and meat-lovers.

Chili’s Catering Latest Menu & Prices 2021

Chili’s was founded in 1975 by Larry Levine, who opened the first Chili’s restaurant in Dallas. Chili’s started out as a burger and beer place. Today, Chili’s is a Tex Mex fusion restaurant that offers dining and catering services around the world. It’s currently available in 32 countries and has more than 1,500 outlets.

Chili’s Catering Menu 2022

Item Price
Party Platters (serves 6-8)
Mix & Match Party Platter Fajitas $76.99
Mix & Match Party Platter Fajita Trio $86.99
Party Platter Enchiladas $55.49
Party Platter Custom Combo $58.49
Party Platter Grilled Smoked Chicken Burrito $57.69
Party Platter Baby Back Ribs $56.49
Party Platter Margarita Grilled Chicken $44.99
Party Platter Quesadilla Explosion Salad $31.99
Party Platter House Salad $16.99
Party Platter Santa Fe Salad $31.99
Party Platter Triple Dipper $45.19
Party Platter Big Mouth Bites $46.99
Party Platter Chips and Salsa $7.99
Party Platter Classic Turkey Toasted Sandwiches $41.09
Party Platter Skillet Cookie $30.00
Party Platter Dessert Trio $35.00
Party Platters Sides (serves 6-8)
Party Platter Side – Southwestern Mac N Cheese $11.99
Party Platter Side – Cadillac Style (Rice & Beans) $11.99
Party Platter Side – Rice $8.99
Party Platter Side – Loaded Mash Potatoes $8.99
Party Platter Side – Steamed Broccoli $8.99
Party Platter Side – Sweet Corn on the Cob $8.99
Party Platter Side – Black Beans $8.99
Party Platter Side – Skillet Mashed Potatoes $8.99
Shrimp Cajun Pasta Party Platter $47.99
Party Platter Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers $46.19
Party Platter Original Chicken Crispers $46.19
Cajun Chicken Pasta Party Platter $42.99
Party Platter Crispy Chicken Crispers $46.19
Party Platter Wings $51.99
Party Platter Boneless Wings $49.99

Pro’s of Chili’s Catering 2022

Chili’s Catering strives to provide the best service possible to its customers. There are many ordering channels available to cater for as many customers as possible. Orders can be placed online and representatives of Chili’s are available to assist with catering needs.

People love Chili’s flexible menu. It can be used for almost any event. Customers love the baby back ribs, and how it perfectly pairs with Mexican dishes.

How to Order from Chili’s Catering 2022

Chili’s Catering has many options, but these are its top-selling dishes:

  • Mix-and-match Party Plate Fajitas
  • Party Platter Enchiladas
  • Party Plate Baby Back Ribs
  • Party Platter Grilled Smoked Chicken Burrito
  • Party Platter Custom Combo
  • Triple Dipper Party Platter

You can order or book a Chili’s Catering service online. Orders can be made online through Chili’s website. Or, you can visit any Chili’s branch for assistance with catering needs.

Customers should have all information ready to place an order. This includes the number of guests, delivery date, and any other special requests.

Chili’s recommends that large orders be placed at least 24 hours in advance, but they will still accommodate short-term catering requests. It is best to speak with a Chili’s representative at the least one day prior to the event in order for them to provide better and faster service. Orders can be placed for delivery and pick up.

Chili’s Hours:

The majority of Chili’s hours are between 11:00 AM and 10:30 PM. Friday and Saturday nights have slightly longer hours. They are open almost every day of the year, 7 days a semaine.

Chili’s Catering Reviews:

Chili’s Catering offers many party platter options to meet the needs of all their customers. The mix-and-match party platters are ideal for any event. Chili’s also offers flavor options for certain menu items, such as their Party Platter Baby Back Ribs or Party Platter Wings.

Party platters can be used for 6-8 people and cost $8-$87. The main dishes cost between $45 and $87, while the side dishes and appetizers are $8 to $35. These prices are comparable with other restaurants that offer Mexican and Texan cuisines, as well as similar catering services.

Chili’s Catering is committed to providing quality service and customer satisfaction. Patrons have the choice of having their orders delivered or picked up at the closest Chili’s branch. Customers have the option to pick up or deliver their orders according to their preferences.

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