Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Menu Prices

Buffalo Wild Wings menu sauces have been known to be encountered with some traditional dish items that are thoroughly cooked in the boneless. Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in 1982. It is located in Columbus OH. It was originally called Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck when it opened its doors.

This company is known for its high-quality food specializations in its course of name. There are also other delicious food items that you should try right now. You can also find delicious sauces and amazing seasonings at the company. Check out the different sauces available in Specials on buffalo wild wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1982. The restaurant was originally called Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck when it opened.

Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Menu Prices

The company is known for its famous Buffalo Wild Wings, but also makes delicious meals with unique seasonings and sauces. Buffalo Wild Wings is the inventor of many of the sauces that are available on their menu. Buffalo Wild Wings is available in more than 1000 locations across North America.

Buffalo Wild Wings Catering latest Menu:

Item Prices
40 Wings (serves 8-10) $34.99
80 Wings (serves 16-20) $67.99
120 Wings (serves 24-30) $99.99
40 Wings (serves 8-10) $34.99
80 Wings (serves 16-20) $67.99
120 Wings (serves 24-30) $99.99
25 Crispy Tenders (serves 10-12) $29.99
50 Crispy Tenders (serves 20-24) $59.99
25 Naked Tenders (serves 10-12) $29.99
50 Naked Tenders (serves 20-24) $59.99
6 Wraps (serves 6-12) $35.99
9 Wraps (serves 9-18) $49.99
1 Bucket (serves 10-12) $39.99
Cheesecake Bites w/Caramel Sauce (serves 10-12) $22.99
Coleslaw (serves 10-12) $9.99
Garden Salad (serves 8-10) $24.99
Chips & Salsa (serves 10-12) $14.99
Chips & Chili Con Queso (serves 10-12) $25.99
Mini Corn Dogs (serves 10-12) $19.99
12 Pretzels w/Queso $23.99
Medium Potato Wedges (serves 10-12) $11.99
Large Potato Wedges (serves 20-24) $19.99
Party Sampler (Mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, jalapeno pepper bites & Mini Corn Dogs) $39.99

Pros of Buffalo Wild Wings Catering:

Buffalo Wild Wings serves boneless, traditionally prepared chicken wings. They also offer a variety of other meals such as sandwiches and cinnamon squares.

Customers can have their orders delivered directly to their door by ordering catering services from the company.

How to Order from Buffalo Wild Wings Catering:

Customers who make their requests at least three hours before the delivery time can receive catering services. Large orders are usually free of charge, but it is best to check with each branch as the policy may vary.

Chicken wings, wraps and chicken tenders are the most requested dishes at the restaurant. You can choose to have them on individual plates or in large quantities.

Another popular dish is the Tempting tenders. You can either grill or bake chicken tenders. Each chicken tender is coated in one of 16 different sauces or seasonings.

Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Reviews:

You can expect to spend between $30 and $200 for traditional chicken wings depending on how large your order.

For boneless wings, expect to pay $35-$120 depending on the size and complexity of your order.

There are many other meals that can be priced differently, so make sure you have $200 cash on hand in case of large orders. These numbers may not be exact for all stores, so they should be considered estimates.

These prices are fair when compared with the quality and level of service provided at the restaurant. Customers find the pricing fair for the quality of the food.

If you order large quantities, delivery is usually free. Customers also praise the accuracy and efficiency of delivery.

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Official Website buffalowildwings.com/
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Careers careers.buffalowildwings.com/us/
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Buffalo Wild Wings Contact Information

Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate Office Address- 5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600Minneapolis, MN55416

Buffalo Wild Wings Phone Number– (952) 593-9943

You can also contact the team of Buffalo Wild Wings by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook: facebook.com/BuffaloWildWings/

Instagram: instagram.com/bwwings/

Twitter: twitter.com/bwwings

YouTube: youtube.com/user/buffalowildwings

Frequently Asked Questions About Buffalo Wild Wings

What’s on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu?

Buffalo Wild Wings menu is mostly known for its chicken wings. Alongside wings, they offer burgers, appetizers, wraps, sandwiches as well as desserts, sides and wraps on their menu.

In all the wings that are available, which is the most delicious in Buffalo Wild Wings?

I’d recommend those Garlic-Parmesan Wings as well as Buffalo Dry Wings with some leftover Teriyaki sauce and ranch as my favorite dishes.

For what price, you can purchase 10 wings at BWW?

You can purchase 10 boneless wings along with fries for just $10.00.

Other than wings and wings what else are other food options at BWW?

In addition to wings BWW serves burgers and wraps, sandwiches salads, desserts, and salads as well as many other dishes are available alongside your meal as well.

What is you waiting for? Buffalo Wild Wings opening and closing times?

The entire week, Buffalo Wild Wings are open from 11 am until 1 am.

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