Brueggers Catering Menu Prices – Updated 2022

Brueggers Catering Menu Prices 2021. Full restaurant menu with prices up-dated for 2021. Meals, lunch, dinner, drinks and kids menu. How much does food cost?

Bagels are a breakfast favourite, and New York is home to the best-tasting bags anywhere. Nordahl Brue & Michael Dressel had this in mind when opening their first New York location in 1983.

Dressel and Brue worked together with professional bakers on the perfect bagel recipe. The addition of Vermont-made cream cheese enhanced this delicious treat. It comes in many flavours, including Cranberry Orange and Onion Chive. Bruegger’s has been relentlessly searching for the New York-style bagel filled with Vermont-made cream cheese. After 35 years, there are approximately 300 Bruegger’s locations in different cities across the United States.

Brueggers Catering Menu

Brueggers has grown from a traditional bagel shop into a bakery cafe offering artisan pieces of bread and brewed coffees to various hearty soups, fresh vegetables, and other related items. This expanded their customer base to include more than just bagel fans. Brueggers’ commitment to quality products using authentic and essential ingredients hasn’t changed despite all these changes.

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Brueggers Catering Menu 2022

Item Price
Breakfast Day Starters
Continental Breakfast (serves 6) $42.99
Continental Breakfast (serves 12) $79.99
Bagel and Cream Cheese Box (serves 12) $16.99
Bagel and Cream Cheese Box (serves 18) $24.99
Bagel and Muffin Box (serves 12) $24.99
Bagel and Muffin Box (serves 18) $36.99
Muffin Box (serves 6) $15.99
Muffin Box (serves 12) $31.99
Single Muffin Breakfast Box $6.99
Single Bagel Breakfast Box $6.99
Smoked Salmon Platter (serves 6) $42.99
Egg Sandwich Breakfast
Egg Sandwich Breakfast (serves 6) $72.99
Egg Sandwich Breakfast (serves 12) $139.99
Egg Sandwich Box (serves 6) $29.99
Egg Sandwich Box (serves 12) $59.99
Group Lunch Sandwiches
Lunch for the Group (serves 6) $89.99
Lunch for the Group (serves 12) $179.99
Premium Lunch for the Group (serves 6) $99.99
Premium Lunch for the Group (serves 12) $199.99
Group Lunch Sandwiches
Small Bagel Sandwich Box (serves 6) $49.99
Small Bagel Sandwich Box (serves 12) $98.99
Premium Sandwich Box (serves 6) $59.99
Premium Sandwich Box (serves 12) $119.99
Boxed Lunches
Bagel Sandwich Box Lunch (serves 1) $8.99
Premium Sandwich Box Lunch (serves 1) $9.99
Salad Box Lunch (serves 1) $9.99
Side Salads For Sharing
Blue Apple Salad (serves 6) $34.99
Chicken Caesar Salad (serves 6) $34.99
Classic Caesar Salad (serves 6) $25.99
Garden Salad (serves 6) $25.99
Individual Soup (serves 1) $3.59
1/2 Dozen Cookies (serves 6) $9.99
Mini Cookies (serves 12) $18.99
Dozen Cookies (serves 12) $18.99
Brownie Box (serves 6) $12.99
Brownie Box (serves 12) $24.99
Fresh Cut Fruit (serves 8-10) $25.99
Bruegger Bites Snack Platter Sweet (serves 12) $11.99
Bruegger Bites Snack Platter Savory (serves 12) $11.99
Extra Cookie (serves 1) $1.99
Extra Individual Yogurt Cup (serves 1) $2.69
Extra Chips (serves 1) $1.39
Bulk Beverages
Brew for the Crew Coffee (serves 6) $15.99
1 Gallon Orange Juice (serves 6) $14.99
1 Gallon Lemonade (serves 6) $9.99
1 Gallon Iced Tea (serves 6) $9.99
Brew for the Crew Hot Tea (serves 6) $15.99
Bottled Beverages
Bottled Water $2.29
Orange Juice $2.59
Cans of Soda (Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite) $1.99
Naked Juice (Naked Strawberry Banana) $3.89
Nantucket Nectar Juice (Apple) $2.79
Nantucket Nectar Juice (Lemonade) $2.79
Snapple Diet Peach Tea $2.49
Add On Items
Extra Bagel Sandwich (serves 1) $6.59
Extra Premium Sandwich (serves 1) $6.99
Extra Dozen of Bagels (serves 12) $9.99
Extra Tub of Cream Cheese (serves 5-6) $2.79
Add On Single Muffin (serves 1) $2.79
Add on Piece of Fresh Fruit $1.69

Pros Of Bruegger’s Catering 2022

Pros Of Bruegger's Catering

People love Bruegger Catering because of the professional service provided by their staff and the outstanding combination of New York bagels & Vermont Cream Cheese.

It is so simple to order that customers are more likely to be repeat customers.

What to Order From Bruegger’s Catering 2022

What to Order From Bruegger's

It’s simple to avail Bruegger catering services. Customers can either place an online order on their catering website or call their customer service hotline at 1-855-776-0660. The order taking specialist is only available from 7 am-8 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Catering orders need to be received at least 24 hours in advance. The customer service hotline can help you arrange express deliveries. Catering experts are available 7 am-11 pm EST.

Customers can choose which delivery option is best suited for their needs with Brueggers. They have the option of having their orders delivered directly to them or picked up at specific stores. You may have to pay delivery charges.

Bruegger’s offers a wide selection of breakfast or lunch options for either individual or group orders. Large Bagels and Muffins are still the bestselling breakfast item.

Orders for Bruegger’s start at $10.00 per single boxed sandwich with add-ons, or around $200.00 to order premium group meals, including premium sandwiches and salads and cookies and beverages for more than 10 people.

Bruegger’s Catering reviews 2022

Bruegger’s catering prides itself on its ability to deliver goods on time. Customers are assured that they will receive the goods on time and meet all their order requirements.

Although there are improvements, they still need to make it easier to express orders. Although customer service is readily available to assist with urgent demands, special needs usually have higher prices.

What keeps customers coming back? The bagels. The bagels come in a variety of salted and plain types. Customers are encouraged to order more.

It is both delicious and very affordable. The price ranges determined are flexible enough to suit the budget of each customer.

Bruegger’s makes your breakfast experience more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a way to meet colleagues for breakfast or a casual lunch, Brueggers can cater.

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