Acme Catering Menu And Prices 2022

Acme Catering – If you are looking for a professional, full-service event catering company, then look no further as Acme Fresh Market Catering will take care of all your needs. Awesome mini-sandwiches on fresh dinner rolls for that lunch-time meeting or family get together. …Sliced or cubed arrangement of meats and cheeses. Acme Fresh Market Catering is not limited to just food services. They provide array of various services for events such as rentals, decorations, bakery, Acme currently operates 16 Acme Fresh Market stores in and around the Northeast Ohio area.

In its early days, Acme Fresh Market proved to be more than a supermarket in the local area. Acme Fresh Market expanded to other products like deli items and pharmacies. It even has its own catering company.

It was established around 1891 in 1891 by Frederick Wilhelm Albrecht, a native of Massillon, Ohio. He began his retail business of groceries with his store called Albrecht’s Grocery. He later started the chain of stores which were operated on a cash-only basis. His stores would soon be referred to as Acme Cash Basket Stores. Through the Great Depression halted its expansion; however, it did not hinder the chain from expanding. After exploring different services and experiencing a few changes, the remaining stores eventually were transformed into Acme Fresh Market.

It was at the West Akron location where Fresh Market Catering was established. But, following the loss of a nearby Acme location in 1997, the residents of West Akron gathered to open a new grocery store. Henry Johnson, a longtime Acme employee, was a partner together with Acme and his city to establish a new grocery store.

acme catering menu

This is how Acme Fresh Market was created. There are 16 Acme Fresh Market locations, as well as the two RSVP Food and Outlet locations.

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Acme Catering Menu Prices – Updated 2022

Item Price
Bagel Tray – 24 ct. $17.99
Turnover & Strudel Bite Sweet Square $9.99
Mini-Muffin Tray – 48 ct. $18.99
Fresh Farmstand Vegetable Tray $9.99
Fresh Seasonal Fruit $29.99
Fresh Vegetable Tray $29.99
Fruit & Fromage Tray $69.99
Big Dipper Tray $49.99
C’est Cheese Tray $79.99
Cheese Lover’s Tray $49.99
Wine Lover’s Treat Platter $34.99
Fresh Fried Chicken Party Pack 50 Piece $48.99
Fresh Grilled Chicken Party Packs 50 Piece $48.99
All Wrapped Up Platter $34.99
Buffalo Wings Snack Square $24.00
Beef It Up Tray $39.99
Big Cheese Tray $59.99
Jumbo Shrimp Platter $34.99
Jumbo Shrimp & Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Platter $49.99
Mini Crab Cake Platter $29.99
Premium Lump Crab Cake Platter $34.99
Club Sandwich Snack Square $16.99
Club Sandwiches $49.99
Croissant Sandwiches Snack Square $20.00
Customer’s Choice Tray $49.99
Entertainer Platter $34.99
Grand Appetizer Platter $34.99
Hye Roller Snack Square $16.00
Hye Roller Tray $39.99
Insalata Caprese Tray $24.99
Just Turkey, Ham, or Beef Tray $34.99
Meat Lover’s Tray $34.99
Mediteranean Meza Tray $69.99
Pita Pocket Tray $54.99
Slider Sandwich Snack Square $16.00
That’s Italian Tray $44.99
Traditional Sandwiches $49.99
Tuscan Platter $34.99
Ultimate Tray $39.99
Finger Sandwiches – Lunchmeat Filled $49.99
Finger Sandwiches – Salad Filled $49.99
Hoagie Sandwich Tray $44.99
Party Lovers Rye Platter $9.99
Cakerie Single Layer Platter $14.99
Cakerie Double Layer Platter $27.99
Italian Pastry Tray – 30 ct $19.99
Italian Pastry Tray – 40 ct. $22.99

Pros of Acme Fresh Market Catering 2022

acme fresh market catering

Acme Fresh Market Catering is not restricted to only food service. They offer various options for special occasions, including rental decorations, cakes staffing, bar and catering and even music services.
This kind of catering is very convenient, particularly for significant occasions. The one-stop packaging of these catering options is sure to be appealing to a lot of people.

How to order from Acme Fresh Market Catering 2022

If you are ordering catering from Acme Fresh Market catering, they have a variety of options based on the preference and requirements of the client. They look at the type of catering required for the specific event, from formals to informal buffets or sit-downs.

They provide a range of food trays that range from $10 to $50. Trays can include sandwiches, meat trays, club sandwiches, fresh fruit trays, and various pastries, including loaves of bread, croissants, and Italian loaves of bread. There are also crab cakes, seafood platters as well as grilled chicken and cheese platters. They also serve wine.

Acme Fresh Market can also make meals, offering the customer’s choice of dishes for parties. Acme Fresh Market can cook a variety of dishes, including unique Japanese and Italian dishes. They also cater and give special arrangements for different food preferences of guests similar to those in the vegetarian community.

They provide catering services for different events like:

  • Business Breakfast/Lunch
  • Company Events/Retreats
  • Networking Events
  • Seminars/Conferences
  • Recognition Events
  • Fund Raisers/Outings
  • Picnics/Parties

The services they provide include:

  • Food that is cold or hot (Everything from elegantly plates to boxed meals)
  • Event planning and consultation
  • Cakes
  • Bar Service
  • Decorations
  • Rentals
  • Event Staffing
  • Consultation/Planning

Acme currently has online ordering available in some places. Orders can be made on Acme website. Alternately, you can call the closest Acme marketplace and order your order by phone in the deli department or stop by to make the order personally. Make sure to call Acme catering immediately prior to making your order.

Add Your Catering Review ! 2022

To get Acme Fresh Market catering, the starting price for packages for events is around $25-30. However, it will depend on specific requirements.

Despite the pricey prices for plating or meals, Acme Fresh Market Catering is outstanding due to the respect for the highest quality. They strive to be better by offering customers a variety of options and options. The general terms and conditions derived from the catering website are that any food or drink costs are subject to an 18 per cent service charge and additional relevant State of Ohio sales tax.

The prices of catering listed are the averages for national catering, and are not a definitive guideline.

We suggest that you contact the local restaurant/outlet to discuss all catering requests. Certain locations don’t offer catering services, while some require 24 hours notice.

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